Advantages of buying real estate in Turkey


Advantages of buying real estate in Turkey

The heavy foreign demand for buying real estate in Turkey confirms that there are many secrets that lie behind this matter. So what are these advantages in particular that attracted the attention of everyone looking for real estate and apartments for sale? How can these properties be used? In order to get acquainted with all the details related to this matter, we will accompany you in the following article, which will address all the positives and advantages of buying real estate in Turkey. 

3 main goals were the motive for buying real estate in Turkey: 

1- Accommodation and stability: 

- As it provides comfort and luxury for everyone who chooses it for housing, it contains all the ingredients that make it an exemplary destination. Turkey has a wide service package, so we can see a lot of diverse markets, including luxury and popular and modern malls. It also owns many medical centers and hospitals equipped with the best medical technologies and distinguished staff. Turkey is also on the rise in the educational field and today owns many distinguished educational institutions and universities, some of which have entered the global scale. 
- Stable, safe conditions and a wonderful recreational atmosphere that can be exploited and identified. Turkey is also a high-class cultural environment. It contains many knowledge and cultural treasures based on all the civilizations it has witnessed. We can find the art of Roman, Seljuk and many other civilizations represented in mosques, museums, castles, and so many historical and archaeological places. 
- The prices of real estate and apartments in Turkey are cheap, and this aspect can be well demonstrated by comparing it with other countries. We must know that the fact that real estate in Turkey is cheap does not mean at all that it lacks quality in design, modernity or keeping pace with development. Also, the cost of living in Turkey is reasonable and low. 
-Turkey has many housing options, which matches the tastes of those looking for apartments for sale. Among the most prominent and most important of these options are the residential complexes, which are equipped with all means of protection and security. It also occupies distinctive sites and has unique engineering designs.

2- Real estate investment: 

All indicators and data indicate that real estate investment in Turkey is destined for success and excellence, especially if it is chosen according to correct foundations and well-thought-out rules. Among the most prominent of these indications is the stable and reviving Turkish economy, and the same applies to the political aspect. 
The simple government laws were one of the reasons that encouraged them to take this step. One of the most prominent aspects of its support for them is that it reduced real estate taxes for them and in some neighborhoods exempted them from paying them. The procedures that lead to owning the property are easy. In addition, the Turkish government follows up the construction work step by step, which ensures that the quality of construction is maintained and construction standards are adhered to. 
The developed infrastructure is one of the reasons that attracted foreign investments. We find that Turkey offers many development projects that have a positive impact on the real estate market. Among the most important things it has provided (New Istanbul Canal / New Istanbul Airport / Basaksehir Medical City / Eurasia Tunnel) and many others, and it is expected that there will be more of these projects in the future.

3- Real estate residence permit and then Turkish citizenship: 

Real estate residency can be obtained when buying and owning real estate in Turkey, and there are no conditions for this other than that it should be residential and not to be within the military or security areas. Real estate residence is one of the best residences in Turkey, where it can be renewed and easy to obtain. 
It is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship if the property complies with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, which in turn carries many advantages and is a transit card towards a safe life. 
Turkish citizenship allows those who hold it to enter many countries around the world with reduced procedures, some of which do not require a visa, and others grant it via the Internet. 

Who are the nationalities that own real estate in Turkey? 

The Iranians, then the Iraqis, and in third place came the Russians. They were the most popular in owning real estate in Turkey, based on all the advantages they possess and which we mentioned earlier. 
In general, the Arabs are the most oriented towards Turkey and its real estate, due to its geographical location close to their country. Also, the laws and regulations in Turkey suit them and are compatible with them. In addition, Turkey is stigmatized by the Islamic character associated with the common customs and traditions that exist between the two societies. 
Owning real estate in Turkey is a golden opportunity that brings many returns and many positives. What is really surprising is that despite all the differences that exist between people, real estate in Turkey was the common and agreed goal in which to achieve their goals. After all that was mentioned in the previous lines, is real estate in Turkey your choice? What is the purpose of owning it?

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