Benefits of buying a property in Turkey


Benefits of buying a property in Turkey

Learn about the advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey

The privileges offered by real estate in Turkey are popular among the investors and those interested in the real estate market since time immemorial, but it was not highlighted until the last few years when efforts became unremitting in searching for an ideal place to buy real estate. You can see today that the real estate market in Turkey is full of investors of different nationalities, as Turkey, with its many components, has become the best place to buy real estate, as this is a step accompanied by many privileges and benefits. Through the following article, we will be with you to inform you of the most important advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey, is it the ideal option? 


The most important benefits of buying a property in Turkey: 

1 - Geographical location:

The Turkish state is distinguished by its distinctive and unique geographical position, as it spans two continents of the world (Asia and Europe) and is very close to the brown continent and the Arab world, which contributed to being the choice of the Arab investor in the first place. Turkey is characterized as having a large area and is composed of a number of important cities and states. It is worth noting that Turkey enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, in contrast to the European Union countries. 


2 - Real estate prices in Turkey:

One of the important reasons why buying a property in Turkey is of great benefit is that its prices are appropriate and suitable for owners of high and low budgets as well, and it has outperformed all the European Union countries, the United States of America and some Arab countries in which it is difficult to buy a property. Real estate in Turkey is of high quality and has been designed according to the latest architectural styles, and the finest types of building materials are used, and safety and security standards have been adhered to (anti-seismic / heat-insulated / sound-proof). The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a wide diversity, and residential complexes are one of the most important options available. It is characterized by luxurious designs and large areas, and it is attached to the most important services and offers its residents an integrated lifestyle.


3- Obtaining real estate residence:

Real estate residency is one of the most important advantages that can be obtained when buying a property in Turkey, and it is considered one of the most important residencies at all, as a result of the many privileges it enjoys, as: 

Can be obtained easily. 

Can be renewed. It is given to all family members. 

Allows its holder freedom of movement between the Turkish states. 

The holder can benefit from many advantages enjoyed by the Turkish citizen (medical / educational services). 

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4 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

One of the greatest benefits of buying a property in Turkey is obtaining Turkish citizenship. Since the Turkish government has allowed foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning real estate, the number of those coming has increased significantly, especially after the Turkish constitution stipulated that the price of the property should be only two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, after it was previously one million US dollars. 

What are the specifications of the property through which it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship? 

Its price must be no less than the mentioned amount, and it must be committed not to sell it before the lapse of three years from the date of its purchase. Certainly, the advantages of Turkish citizenship are not hidden from anyone, as they are: 

It gives its holder the opportunity to travel between countries of the world with reduced procedures. 

It allows whoever holds it to remain dual nationals. 

It gives him the full rights of a Turkish citizen. 

A life of great comfort and luxury. 

In this context, it is important to point out that Turkish citizenship can be obtained in more than one way, but real estate remains the short way to it. 

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5- Real estate investment:

One of the benefits of buying a property in Turkey is that it opens the doors for you to invest in real estate, as it is a fertile environment that possesses all the ingredients for the success and distinction of this investment, and these are the main reasons that encourage you to go through such an experience: 

- Turkey is characterized by this population density, and it receives many foreigners throughout the year, especially investors and tourists who come from different parts of the earth, based on its archaeological landmarks and large areas of nature. 

- It is expected that real estate prices in Turkey in the coming period will record a rise in their prices, this is what the head of the Turkish Contractors Union stated, due to the high prices of raw building materials and in this context they are likely to rise up to 60%. 

- The Turkish government offers many facilities to foreign investors, such as tax cuts and ease of procedures for owning real estate.


What are the most important tips to follow when buying a property in Turkey? 

Although buying a property in Turkey is of great benefit, this does not negate the fact that there are a number of rules and laws that must be adhered to and searched for, as there are different laws and a lot of information that you are ignorant of: 

1 - When buying a property in Turkey, make sure to use a real estate company with experience and knowledge in the field of real estate, as it provides the best real estate opportunities for its clients in line with their desires. It also has good relations with construction companies and thus can secure high discounts. 

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2 - The foreigner should research carefully about the laws related to him in Turkey. At the outset, he must make sure that he is one of the nationalities that are allowed to buy real estate in Turkey, and that he is not entitled to buy more than thirty hectares of real estate in various parts of Turkey. A foreigner is not entitled to own more than ten percent of the area administratively, and the property must not be located in one of the security or military areas. 

3 - The condition of the property must be well researched and investigated, is it under mortgage or seizure or leads to one of the inheritance problems. This can be confirmed through the Land Registry. In this context, we must mention that any of these problems negatively affect the price of the property and make it difficult to sell. 

4 - It is necessary to see the most prominent forms of real estate fraud in order to avoid them, as this problem has become common in recent times with what has been witnessed by social media and with the increase in the number of foreigners who do not have experience in this field. You can avoid this problem by getting to know the real estate owner. You must also ensure the authenticity of the papers in order not to be forged, in addition to the necessity of verifying the price of the real property. 

5 - If the property is under construction, care must be taken to include all agreed information in the contract, and an experienced architect must be sought. 

If you intend to buy a property in Turkey in order to obtain all the benefits it offers, you can contact our real estate consultant in order to inform you of the most important options available in the real estate market in Turkey and to secure the real estate opportunity that suits your goals.



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