Beylikduzu District


Beylikduzu District

An overview of Beylikduzu district in Istanbul and its features

Beylikduzu district is in Istanbul is that beautiful modern suburb in Istanbul, which is characterized by its wide streets, its great organization, its urban modernity, its real estate revolution, and its fresh air, many characteristics that characterize this famous area in Istanbul make it a suitable destination for real estate investment and for searching for properties for sale.

Through the following article, we will provide you with a lot of information and details related to this area in Istanbul, and we will highlight its most important privileges, especially its real estate aspect.


Location of Beylikduzu district in Istanbul:

This area is distinguished by its location to the west of Istanbul and is surrounded on all sides by important areas such as Avcilar, which is bordered to the east and Esenyurt to the north, while on the western side there is Buyukcekmece and in the south is the Marmara Sea.

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How far is Beylikduzu from Taksim?

This question is asked by everyone who is looking for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu, is it far from the city center? Would it be comfortable to live there? How is the service situation there?

All these questions may occupy you for a while, but you will soon be reassured when you know that Beylikduzu has many tourist, recreational, service and social facilities, you won’t need to go to the city center to secure your needs at all.

Beylikduzu is 40 km away from Taksim, and even if I had to go to the center of Istanbul, this would be easy with the development of modern transportation networks such as the metrobus that passes through it and the tramway, there are highways as well.

But you have to choose the time when you are away from the crowds and you will reach your destination quickly.

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Real estate investment in Beylikduzu:

1 – This region is witnessing a great real estate booming, tremendous urban expansion and luxury that compete with the most important areas of the city, and real estate investment in it is a golden opportunity, as It is expected that real estate prices will rise significantly during the coming period, and therefore you will be in front of great profits.

2 - Although Beylikduzu is located in the suburbs of Istanbul, it is organized in a distinctive and modern way, it even was called the modern urban face in Istanbul.

3 - There are expectations that in the coming period, the search for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu, Istanbul will increase, especially with the construction of many new real estate projects and the construction of the new metro line "Incirli".

4 - It must be noted that this Beylikdzu area in Istanbul was in the past completely far from the eyes of real estate investors, as it is far from the city center and its infrastructure is not as developed as it is today, but now it is their undisputed first destination with urban development, thriving infrastructure and modern transportation network that eliminated the problem of the difficulty of mobility.

5 - Residential complexes are widely spread in that area and are equipped with the highest standards of quality and safety (earthquake resistance) and are attached to the most important services and entertainment centers. It is also suitable for those looking for villas for sale in Istanbul with a sea view.


Service facilities in Beylikduzu:

This area is of great importance and its fame has increased recently with the increase in the number of hospitals, schools, commercial centers and laboratories, not to mention the modern transportation methods that linked it with all areas of the city.

It is worth mentioning that the demand for apartments in Beylikduzu has increased because it includes international schools and universities, and this is what prompted many real estate investors to go to it.

Also, the new Metrobus line had a significant impact on real estate prices in that area, as it contributed to their rise, and it increased in some places by 56%, and this varies according to the property's proximity and distance from this line.

1 - Educational institutions in Beylikduzu:

This area has been classified as the best choice for student housing because it includes many public and private schools and universities such as (Al-Fateh University, Beykent University, and Okyanus), as for the schools in which they are located in this area, some of them rely on international curricula and others have taken Arabic as an official language.

In this context, more than forty percent of those who live in the Beylikduzu district of Istanbul are from the elite and educated class.

2 - Shopping centers in the Beylikduzu area:

Beylikduzu has many shopping centers, which in turn attracts many tourists and locals on a daily basis because it offers merchandise with world famous brands.

It includes Marmara Park Mall and Perlavista Mall.

3 - Medical centers in Beylikduzu:

It also includes 4 private hospitals, and there are about 34 dental clinics, as well as 13 medical centers for oral and dental health care.

Beylikduzu in Istanbul contains 3 clinics and a dialysis center, there are 3 general clinics, as well as the state hospital, which provides health services to the residents of the region.

Advantages of living in Beylikduzu?

Beylikduzu in Istanbul is one of the areas that are suitable for housing and stability because it provides all the elements of an ideal life, and these are its most prominent advantages:

Suitable real estate prices:

real estate prices in this area are rather low and competitive compared to other areas of the city.

Beautiful and distinctive nature:

it is a suitable place for those who are looking for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle, as well as a destination for those who desire recreation and recuperation.

An important tourist destination:

It is also a tourist area that tourists go to from everywhere to enjoy the picturesque nature under the temperate climate that characterizes it, and to walk on the shore of the Marmara Sea

An atmosphere of wonderful luxury:

Beylikduzu in Istanbul is the best for those looking for a life of luxury and pleasure, and it is important to note that all of its residents are businessmen, merchants and owners of high capital.

The most important tourist attractions in Beylikduzu, Istanbul:

Beylikduzu is one of the most beautiful areas of that city, as there are many natural places, wide green spaces and gardens, in addition to the archaeological and historical monuments that are still majestic today:

1 - The water in the pear field:

This water is located in a pear field, and there are those who call it the eye of the grandmother Aisha, and there are those who say that during the era of the Ottoman authority, it was a place for healing and convalescence because of its wonderful location and fresh, clean air.

2 - Sultan Abdul Aziz Palace:

As for this palace, it was built in the time of the Ottoman Empire and Sultan Abdul Aziz took it as a place for hunting because the area in which there are many types of birds and today is visited by thousands of tourists because of its importance and distinction.

3 - Buyukcekmece Coast:

This coast is completely free of cars and provides an atmosphere of calm and comfort for everyone who visits it, as well as it is suitable for hiking and swimming and includes many wonderful villas and resorts.

4 - Tuyap Convention and Exhibition Center:

It is one of the most important and largest commercial centers in Istanbul and is the place that suits merchants and anyone looking for high quality products at special prices.


Every year, many cultural festivals are held in Beylikduzu, the most important of which are:

-International Festival of Folk Games.

-forum of love and peace.

-International Festival of Sculpture.

Classical Music Festival.

Through this article, we provided you with a detailed report in which we provided the most important information related to the Beylikduzu area in Istanbul, You can contact us, as there are many real estate offers and investment opportunities waiting for you.

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