Chocolate Museum in Istanbul


Chocolate Museum in Istanbul

A journey inside the chocolate museum in Istanbul

What do you think that we tell you through the following article on one of the most important modern tourism destinations in Istanbul?

Today we chose to talk to you about (The Chocolate Museum in Istanbul), did you hear about it before? Is it a place worth visiting? A lot of important information related to this museum that we will highlight.

We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.


Some information about the Chocolate Museum in Istanbul:

- It is one of the famous museums not only in Turkey, but also gained international fame.

- It is considered one of the modern destinations preferred by local and foreign tourists.

- Unlike other museums, it is a unique and distinct model.

- Everything in it is made of white and black chocolate.

- It contains many sculptures and exhibits made of chocolate.

- It was established in 1957 AD.

- It is part of the Pelit Chocolate Factory.

- It consists of five halls.

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Chocolate Museum location in detail:

- It is located on the European side of Istanbul.

- In the Esenyurt region in particular.

- It extends over an area of ​​twenty-five thousand square meters.

Its full name is Pelit Chocolate Museum.

An important information you should know about this museum is that it is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

As for the prices of entry cards, it is free for those under five years old, and for people who have reached the age of six and above, 20 Turkish liras must be paid.

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Inside the Chocolate Museum:

If you go to the Chocolate Museum in Istanbul, we advise you to take a tour of the five halls or halls to see all its features and details.

The first hall or the main hall:

When you visit this museum, this is the first hall that you will find in front of you. It has a hot chocolate waterfall that you must taste. It also contains many models such as Noah's Ark and some paintings that refer to some of the events that took place throughout history.


The second hall or Istanbul hall:

Do you know why this hall was named Istanbul Hall? Because all the sculptures in it belong to that city, so you see its features stereoscopic in front of you with precision and complete craftsmanship, such as (The Maiden's Tower - Hagia Sophia Mosque - Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Galata Tower) and others.

By viewing this hall, you will have taken an adequate idea of ​​everything related to the tourist and historical aspect of Istanbul.


The Third Hall or the Hall of Greats:

It was called the Hall of the Great in relation to the fact that it contains the most important and prominent figures of personalities in the world, including politicians and leaders such as (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) and other influential figures who have passed through history.


Fourth Hall or Art Hall:

In this hall you will find many works of art that were completed by the most important and famous Turkish and non-Turkish artists, and you will find many ancient artistic creations of the famous painter (Picasso), and there are also many world-famous models that were filmed for children's films such as (Snow White - The Seven Dwarfs).


The Fifth Hall or the Hall of Civilizations:

In this part of the mall, you will find many paintings that talk about the different civilizations that followed Turkey, such as the Ottoman, Byzantine and others.

It is very nice to visit such a place and look at history from a modern and elegant place, and do not forget that the Chocolate Museum in Istanbul is the right place for all family members, old and young, but in general we can tell you that those who are most welcome to visit are those who belong to a category Young people are the closest to them.


Activities you can do at the Chocolate Museum:

First, you have to visit the first hall to see important and distinctive sculptures, as some of them belong to some animals, others to trees and plants, and a third to places and landscapes. And of course, don't miss the chance to taste the delicious chocolate.

After you have finished the first hall, you have to move to the second to enjoy watching and getting to know the most prominent and famous landmarks that Istanbul embraces.

A nice opportunity to get to know your favorite international personalities, whether Turkish or not, as in the third hall you will find sculptures of the most important international personalities.

If you are taking your children with you, it is necessary to make them take a look at the section dedicated to children where they will find many of their favorite games and cartoon characters.

Did you know that by visiting this museum you will learn how to make chocolate as there is an opportunity for you to watch its makers as they carry out their tasks.

Before you end your tour within the museum and leave, you can buy many souvenirs for you and your loved one that were made of chocolate, as well as you can get some factory products from chocolate.


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What after leaving the Chocolate Museum?

After you leave the museum, your trip will not be over yet, and there are many special activities that you can do, such as the amusement parks near it - Aqua Dolphin - or you may prefer to visit the malls for shopping tours. In this regard, we recommend Akbati Mall, which is close to it.


The importance of museums in Istanbul:

Museums in that city are an integral part of the nation’s history and civilization, and it is the memory of peoples through generations. When you choose to visit one of the museums that are located in Istanbul or in other Turkish cities, you choose to see its history and culture, so your trip to it is not limited to being only recreational.

Istanbul contains a variety of important museums, each of which displays a specific period of time, starting from the Stone Age to the present day.

Museums everywhere are suitable for all ages to visit and see, children - young and old, and the Turkish state takes great care of them because it is one of the main pillars on which tourism is based and annually hosts millions of tourists.


Other important museums in Istanbul:

We talked about the Chocolate Museum above, and now we will quickly mention some of the other museums that the city hosts for those interested.

- The famous Hagia Sophia Museum, which gained its fame from the many upheavals it witnessed in its history.

- Topkapi Museum, which is considered one of the most important edifices built by the Ottoman Empire.

- Dolmabahce Museum, which is one of the symbols of luxury built during the Ottoman era.

- Archeology Museum in Istanbul, which contains the most important and rare antiquities.

- The Aviation Museum, which collects within it the most important types of weapons and aircraft.

We also have the Islamic Museum - Wax Museum - Istanbul Maritime Museum and others, which we will have a detailed talk about each of them in future articles.


Do you have other questions about the Chocolate Museum in Istanbul? We have tried to make the article that we have provided comprehensive and complete and we hope that you have acquired sufficient knowledge.

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