Egyptians owning real estate in Turkey


Egyptians owning real estate in Turkey

How do Egyptians own real estate in Turkey

The Egyptians’ ownership in Turkey was nothing but a decision they took as a natural result of the positives and advantages Turkey is witnessing and a comprehensive renaissance that was not limited to certain aspects without others, which coincided with the deteriorating conditions in which Egypt is living in its economic conditions and political crises.
Today, in Skyline Real Estate, we have monitored all aspects of this matter and we will present it to you through the following article. We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading through which you will obtain a full clarification about your inquiries.


Are Egyptians allowed to own property in Turkey?

Before anything, you must make sure that there is a legal text that allows a foreigner who holds Egyptian citizenship to buy real estate in Turkey. Is this available? In 2012, Turkey issued a law abolishing reciprocity, which allowed all foreigners to own property in Turkey with the exception of five nationalities for security and political reasons and old agreements.
In this regard, we note that during the year 2015 - 2016 - 2017 AD, holders of Egyptian nationality were among the most foreign nationalities buying real estate, and the peak of real estate purchased by them reached in the last year, where it recorded an increase of more than sixty percent over the previous year, and this is what the Turkish Statistics Authority stated. .
Like other foreigners, their focus is largely on the economic capital, Istanbul, and you find it the center of their stability and building their investments and commercial entities.

Motives of Egyptians to buy real estate in Turkey?

It is certain that the Egyptians’ ownership in Turkey was based on the advantages and advantages that they would obtain, and through the following paragraph we will show you the full details of the matter.
Obtaining Turkish citizenship:
Turkish citizenship is one of the most important and prominent reasons that encourage foreigners to own real estate in Turkey, and their demand for it has increased after the Turkish government issued a decision in 2018 AD to reduce the value of the property to two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, after it was a million dollars earlier (this is one of the facilities provided by Turkey to foreigners on its soil).


They also chose to obtain this citizenship through many other ways, most notably:

- Financial investment in the amount of 500 thousand US dollars for a period of three years.
- Deposit an amount of 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.
- Establishing a business and hiring 50 Turkish employees.
- Marriage to a citizen of the Turkish state (it can be applied for after three years have passed from the date of marriage).


Applying for a real estate residence permit:

- Real estate residency can be obtained if the property is intended for housing.
- It is one of the most important types of residence in Turkey.
- It grants its holder the right to travel to and from Turkey without the condition of obtaining a travel permit.
- The holder can move between the Turkish states without restrictions.
- It allows him to open an account in a bank in Turkey.
- Benefit from the most important rights enjoyed by the Turkish citizens (medical and health services).

Transportation development:

- Some may think that with the high population density that Turkey is witnessing, it will be difficult to move between regions, but it is otherwise, if there is a modern and developed transportation network that has contributed to linking all cities and regions with each other.
- One of the most famous means of transportation in Turkey is the Metrobus, which is the longest and fastest line.
- Transportation costs are very moderate.

Developed educational system:

- Thousands of foreigners come to Turkey annually in order to receive education and obtain an academic seat in its most important universities.
- Turkey relies on well-thought-out approaches that it constantly changes to keep pace with the latest global developments.
- Students obtain certificates that are recognized in the most important countries of the world, especially in the European Union.
- They can study in public and private universities.

Low cost of living:

- If you compare the costs that you will need to live and reside in Turkey and in Europe, the Turkish balance will definitely weigh.
- The cost of living not only includes food and drink but also everything you need here.
- Home rental costs are also moderate (there is a great variety of properties to suit all budgets and tastes).

The future of real estate in Turkey:

- It is epected that real estate prices will rise significantly in the coming period.
- The property can be invested to get a high return and profits.
- The Turkish real estate sector is experiencing rapid growth
Add to all of the above the booming Turkish economy, which played a major role in the Egyptians’ ownership in Turkey, in contrast to the many crises that Egypt has witnessed in recent years and their full realization that a successful economy is one of the pillars of an ideal life because its reflection is not on a specific sector or one side, but rather its comprehensive impact. .
Also, real estate prices in Turkey are relatively low if you compare them with prices in the European Union or some Arab countries. All these reasons made the Egyptians choose Turkey over other countries around the world.

Take a look at the relationship between Egypt and Turkey:

Do you think that the close relationship between the two countries has a role in the Egyptians' ownership in Turkey?
You have to know that the relationship that brought together these two countries is not a result of today, but rather is historical and ancient belonging to the Ottoman era, and there are many aspects and common denominators between them in terms of religion, customs, traditions, culture, etc.
We can say that since 1925 AD and until the present moment there are good diplomatic relations between the two countries, and if there is any difference of views, it does not mean that there is a difference between them.


Documents required for Egyptians to own property in Turkey:

Below we mention the papers and documents required for real estate ownership in Turkey, which must be adhered to because they are among the basic procedures.
- The tax number must be obtained (it can be obtained easily by going to the tax department).
- Opening an account in one of the Turkish banks (the property price must be transferred through the bank and not handed over).
- It is preferable for the buyer to be in Turkey to sign the contract, and if he is unable to attend, a representative can be sent).
- The passport after its translation into Turkish and attestation at the Notre.
- Personal photos (2).


Real estate that Egyptians are entitled to own in Turkey:

This is one of the most common questions among the public interested in real estate in Turkey (Is a foreigner who holds Egyptian citizenship entitled to own whatever real estate he wants?)
They can buy villas, apartments and any type of commercial real estate and buildings without being bound by any restriction or condition, but as stipulated in the Turkish constitution regarding foreign ownership of real estate, the holder of Egyptian citizenship is prohibited from owning agricultural real estate.
Is there a way for Egyptians in Turkey to own agricultural land? Certainly if he establishes a Turkish company and then registers the land in the name of the company, which is owned by the Egyptian citizen.

This is all we have about Egyptians owning in Turkey. We have tried to understand all aspects of the issue. If there are more inquiries about this issue, among the services we provide to our clients in Skyline Real Estate is to provide the answers and advice you need.


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