Forum Istanbul Mall


Forum Istanbul Mall

Features and sections of Forum Istanbul mall

Forum Istanbul Mall is one of the most important commercial malls in Istanbul, and its importance and features have emerged as a natural result of its high-end specifications and unique design.

Skyline Real Estate has chosen to dedicate the following article to you to talk about this mall and the most important information related to it, and it will highlight the most important activities that the visitor can do.

Before we proceed to talk about the details of Forum Istanbul, it must be noted that it was opened in 2009, that is, it is one of the modern shopping centers and is located in the Bayrampasa district, which is located on the European side of the city.


What will I find inside Forum Istanbul Mall?

It is more like a small city that has everything you need, as it contains a residential project (a residential complex) in addition to many shops, cinemas and game halls, as well as an aquarium that includes various types of marine creatures and sharks.

(The aquarium in this mall is one of the largest aquariums in Europe).

One of the important pieces of information that you should know about this mall is that it extends over an area of ​​495,000 square meters, and also contains three hundred shops.

If you are a fan of shopping for international brands, you will find everything you are looking for because it includes the most famous and Turkish brands.


Forum Istanbul parts:

Through the following paragraph, we introduce you to the most prominent parts of this mall.

It consists of four sections:

(The first) is underground and is dedicated to cars and contains shops selling children's clothes and supplies.

 (Second) The ground floor contains the aquarium - food stores - clothing stores, as well as you will find many ATMs for the most important banks in Turkey, and the aim is to secure all the requirements of the pioneers.

(Third) The first floor, where you will find shops dedicated to the sale of electrical and electronic devices, as well as stores that sell children's toys.

(Fourth) The second floor contains many restaurants and cinemas.


Important information about Istanbul Forum:

The following is the most important information related to Forum Istanbul.

- One of the largest commercial centers in Istanbul.

- Contains hundreds of shops.

- You can do many activities in it.

- Many events and festivals are held annually.

- A tourist destination for many world tourists.

- Close to Ataturk International Mall.

- Few steps separate it from the E-5 motorway.

One of the most famous brands available inside it (FLO - SPENCER - H&M - YKM - ZARA - D&R).

It is characterized by the fact that it contains the most important recreational facilities that are suitable for all ages, without exception for children, youth and adults.

It has a private dining hall, which is wonderful and attractive, and is considered the best and most important in Turkey in general and not only in Istanbul, where all the famous Turkish cuisine as well as some international cuisine are served.

It must be noted that a very important thing is that this mall has won about sixteen international awards and receives every year 14 visitors.

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The most famous restaurants in Forum Istanbul:

When you visit this mall, you will be able to eat the most delicious traditional meals - Turkish - Western - fast food, and these are the most famous of those restaurants.



Aquarium Forum Istanbul:

This aquarium was built on an area of ​​8000 square meters, and as we mentioned above, it is one of the largest aquariums in the world. When you visit it, you will find more than 15 thousand marine creatures, which are of about five hundred species.

Under this aquarium there is a long tunnel of about 83 meters in length.

Among the most important types of fish that you can see (sand tiger fish - shark - zebrafish - hammerhead shark - giant stinger fish - arapaima).


Legoland Center:

One of the distinctive details that you will find in that mall is (Legoland Center), which is classified as one of the most important entertainment centers in Turkey, providing children between the ages of three and ten years an atmosphere of luxury and fun.

Trust that your children will have a unique and distinct experience, and this center also includes a 4D cinema hall, as well as rooms dedicated to holding birthday parties.

There are reading places where many important and useful stories are provided to the child, so his trip to this center is not only entertaining but also cultural.


How to get to Forum Istanbul Mall?

There are many public transportation means that help to reach this mall, including the subway, tram, Marmaray train, or you can take buses.


Services at Forum Istanbul:

- Many services are provided to visitors, such as the nine family rooms, where they can find comfort and allow mothers to take care of their young. It is also possible to pay by phone from the ground floor and also order a taxi forum.

- There is a first aid service in the event of any emergency or a visitor needing medical care.

- Prayer rooms - open internet.

- The possibility of charging phones.


Things to do in Forum Mall:

You are in front of a wide range of activities that you can do in this mall, most notably.

1 - Practicing your hobby in wandering between shops, shopping, and viewing goods and products.

2 - You must watch the most important and wonderful films that are presented in the cinema.

3 - The experience of playing in the bowling alley can be played.

4 - Choose to eat a delicious and special meal in a restaurant.

5 - Have a lot of fun and try to get on board the helicopter.

Trust that you will spend a wonderful and special time in this mall, where you will see another side of luxury and fun.


Why are Istanbul malls special?

There are many reasons that made the malls in Istanbul distinctive and were able to outperform the most important malls of the European continent.

1 - It is a tourist, recreational and commercial front at the same time.

2 - Many of them contain a residential complex in addition to offices, shops and recreational facilities.

3 - Near it lies the power of real estate investment to obtain abundant profits, and also the prices of properties near it are constantly increasing in their prices.

4 - The prices of goods and products in those malls are low compared to similar prices in European countries.

5 - Distinguished geographical locations are chosen for their construction, so you can see them in the city center and close to public transportation for easy access.

6 - What you do not know is that many of the malls in this city have won many important and international awards that indicate their status and importance.


We accompanied you through this article to learn about one of the most important malls in Istanbul (Forum Istanbul Mall), where we talked about its most important aspects, and we also highlighted the importance of malls in that city.

Follow our website constantly to see and learn everything related to the city of Istanbul and its vital facilities.



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