Hotel apartments in Istanbul - and the advantages of investing in them


Hotel apartments in Istanbul - and the advantages of investing in them

Istanbul is known to witness a real estate diversity that you can rarely find in other cities in the world. As a result of this diversity, large numbers of world investors have become a destination for them, as it has the ingredients that can raise them and their goals to the result they hope to reach. Hotel apartments in Istanbul are considered one of the most important real estate options at all, due to the nature of the tourist city and as a result of it being the country's financial center as well as the economic capital. Through the following article, we will accompany you in Skyline through the following article in order to learn about the advantages of hotel apartments in Istanbul and the most important places they occupies in this city. 

The most important information about hotel apartments in Istanbul: 

At the beginning of the topic, we must point out that hotel apartments in Istanbul are the most busy times in the tourist seasons, as they are a target for all tourists who come to Turkey, because of the accommodation provided by these apartments to them of great comfort and luxury. Hotel apartments in Istanbul are divided into two main types, the first is studio apartments, which is a large room only that includes a bedroom, a sitting corner and a small kitchen, but despite that it is sufficient and meets the needs of its residents. As for the second type of hotel apartments in Istanbul, it is service apartments, but it differs from the first type in that it may not be attached to hotel services, and so whoever stays in it has to rely on himself in many details. 

Why do many people prefer to stay in hotel apartments in Istanbul? 

1 - One of the most important advantages that can be obtained by staying in hotel apartments in Turkey is that it is designed to be resistant to earthquakes, natural disasters and fires. 
2 - The prices of hotel apartments in Istanbul are competitive with the prices of rooms in hotels and are considered lower than them, and this is what prompted the turnout of many. 
3 - Hotel apartments are more than one room, which indicates that you will get a great deal of comfort and privacy and thus are suitable for families. 
4 - In the hotel apartments in Istanbul, you will get various means that make life easier and more comfortable. 
5 - Due to its somewhat wide area, it is suitable for the residence of six people and they can carry out their various activities without any restrictions or obstacles such as cooking, work, etc. 
6 - When a person tends to rent hotel apartments, he can take advantage of the recreational facilities in which the complex is used, such as swimming pools, saunas, or sports clubs. In this context, it is worth noting that when renting hotel apartments in Istanbul, you will not have to pay any other expenses. The amount that will be paid at the beginning is inclusive of the entire period in which the stay will take place. 
7 - Hotel apartments in Istanbul It is easy to get one, as there are many options on the real estate market and you can choose from them. 
8 - Hotel apartments in Istanbul often occupy distinctive strategic locations close to the most vital facilities in the city so that they can be easily accessed, and they are close to public transportation. 
9 - It is worth noting that the hotel apartments in Istanbul have a wonderful view, either on the sea or with a view of the green spaces.

The most important places that include hotel apartments in Istanbul: 

1 - Sultanahmet District: Sultanahmet district is one of the most important districts of Istanbul and is centered on the European side of it. It is one of the historical places that contain many important attractions, which attracts thousands of foreign and local tourists every year to see the monuments and important monuments. It is home to the Hagia Sophia Mosque, as well as Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and other attractions. The Sultanahmet area is one of the most areas in Istanbul that contains hotels and hotel apartments, and it is equipped with the best services that make staying in it special, as it has a modern and luxurious splendor. 
2 - Sisli District: Sisli is one of the most important areas of the European section of Istanbul, and it is also one of the areas that bear a historical character and at the same time does not lack any of the manifestations of modernity and development. Sisli has a wide range of hotel apartments which are more like a chain and are characterized by Ottoman architecture. It provides high quality services. As for its prices, they are not fixed, but rather they vary according to the location, the view, the interior specifications and the places close to them.
3 - Hotel apartments in Istanbul overlooking the sea: Istanbul has an important sea view and is rich in hotel apartments that have this view, and a large part of it overlooks the Bosphorus. You can find it in the tourist seasons, full of tourists, as it has unique and rare architectural designs, and it has a distinctive modern luster. 
4 - Hotel apartments in Istanbul: The Taksim area is very famous and a large number of foreign expatriates choose to reside there during their stay in Turkey, and it is an important tourist haven for many world tourists and local residents as well. Taksim contains a large number of hotel apartments that attract large numbers of visitors and give Taksim real estate investors a lot of important opportunities.

What is the benefit of investing in hotel apartments in Istanbul? 

Investing in hotel apartments in Istanbul is one of the most appropriate options ever in order to reach high profits, as it increases in the tourist seasons in particular. 
The prices of hotel apartments in Istanbul are rising significantly, especially with the urban transformation projects that this city is witnessing and the presence of a number of huge development projects whose presence is reflected in the real estate sector in general and leads to a rise in the prices of these properties. 
Hotel apartments in Istanbul are considered expensive, and this does not suit many people, and this has made it the preserve of people with high budgets and the rich. 
It is worth noting that it can be invested in more than one way, one of the most prominent of these methods is renting it in order to obtain a monthly or annual return, or perhaps reselling it. 
Finally, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through it, if its price is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more, with a commitment not to sell it before the lapse of three years from the date of its purchase.

Important tips when investing in hotel apartments in Istanbul: 

If you want to invest in hotel apartments in Istanbul, you will have to adhere to a number of important criteria, most notably the geographical location, the distinctive view and the surrounding facilities. 
It is also important that the hotel apartments undergo periodic maintenance and constant updates in order to maintain its new and modern elegance in order to attract attention to it. 
If you are looking for a unique investment opportunity in Istanbul, you should look for the most distinguished options in order to reach the profits you want to reach. Istanbul, with its tourism nature, makes the opportunity for successful hotel apartment investment a wonderful and right idea as well.


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