How is real estate investment in Turkey profitable


How is real estate investment in Turkey profitable

Guaranteed results in real estate investment in Turkey

At the present time, the real estate market in Turkey has become one of the most important, strongest and most active real estate markets in the world as a result of several factors, including location, strong economy, political stability, advanced infrastructure and other reasons and other ingredients.
Through the following article, the editorial team at Skyline Real Estate will inform you of the most important steps through which you can obtain a profitable and successful real estate investment with high returns.


Reasons to invest in real estate in Turkey:

There are a number of reasons and motives that encourage foreigners, investors and businessmen to own and invest in real estate in Turkey, and through the following paragraph we will talk about the most important of them:
- Turkey ranks third in the world as the best destination for real estate investment.
- What you do not know is that the Turkish city of Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world for real estate investment.
- Many modern real estate and investment projects with high modern specifications have been developed.
- The urban renaissance witnessed by Turkey outperformed European countries.
- Real estate prices in Turkey are low and moderate compared to prices in the European Union.
- The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities that the investor needs and help him make his decision to invest in it.
- If the value of the property is at least 75 thousand US dollars, you can apply for a real estate residence permit, which includes one of the most important and prominent types of residence in Turkey.
- If the price of the property is four hundred thousand US dollars or more, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.
- It is possible to buy and own real estate very easily without having to face any complications.
- Buyers of real estate for the first time in Turkey can obtain an exemption from paying the value added tax.
- The Turkish government has provided many facilities and tax exemptions.


Steps for a successful real estate investment in Turkey:

Certainly, your decision to invest in real estate in Turkey, and not in other countries of the world, was nothing but a desire to obtain abundant and rewarding profits, despite all the ingredients that are available in Turkey, as mentioned above, but this does not negate the existence of many steps that must be followed to reach outstanding results. .
 Through the following paragraph, we will review all the ideas, observations and details that will help you build a distinctive and profitable investment.


First: Choosing the area of ​​the property:

The investor must choose the area of ​​the property or apartment with great care because it is a key factor in the success and distinction of your real estate investment, and according to real estate experts, the small area is in greater demand than the demand for large areas.
What you should know is that automatically the larger the real estate area, the higher its value in return. Do not forget that small apartments can be rented easily and you will not have to wait long, and also if you want to sell them in the future, this will be very easy.


Second: Find the special location:

The first element of real estate investment success and distinction is choosing a strategic geographic location with an exceptional view. The more distinguished and important the location is, the higher the property price and value.
Surely you are wondering about the specifications of the premium site?
- To be close to public transportation and highways.
- To have vital and strategic projects and advanced and modern infrastructure nearby.
- To have many schools, universities, hospitals and health centers near it.
- We describe the property as being strategically located when it is close to the tourist places and historical monuments.
Let us tell you that if you want to get a profitable real estate investment, you should choose the location that people go to frequently in order to ensure the ease of renting it if you want it quickly without having to wait.
One piece of information that you must know is that real estate with a privileged location is constantly increasing in price, which guarantees you the amount of returns that you will receive.


Third: Choose a professional real estate agent:

If this is your first experience in the real estate market in Turkey, we advise you to use one of the famous real estate agents with experience, knowledge and depth of everything related to the real estate field in Turkey to provide you with all the required advice and what you need, and add to your information that your use of a specialized real estate company saves you time, effort and long search.
As for avoiding asking for help from specialists, you will face many obstacles, difficulties and ambiguous matters, but in this regard, it must be noted the need to deal with a reliable body with extensive experience and deep knowledge in order to secure real estate and investment opportunities for you.

Fourth: Make field trips:

Do not give up on making tours and visiting the most important real estate projects available within the real estate market in Turkey until you have a full perception of the specifications that you can find and the prices to compare if they are suitable for your budget or not.

Fifth: Choose the new real estate:

One of the most important secrets of the success of real estate investment in Turkey is the selection of new properties with modern architectural construction. Real estate experts also advise choosing areas that witness extensive urban growth because their prices are constantly rising, which assures the investor the size of the profits that he will obtain.


Sixth: Search for the most in demand real estate:

The successful investor is the one who chooses the properties that are in high demand so that they can be easily rented and resold as well. Of course, residential complexes are the most sought after option, according to statistics of the Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey.
Also, villas are considered real estate that is in great demand, which makes their prices somewhat high compared to the prices of other types of real estate.

In your opinion, what is the future of real estate investment in Turkey? According to all the data and indicators, Turkey is one of the best places around the world to establish such a project, as:
- Strategic geographical location.
- booming economy.
- Sophisticated infrastructure.
- Modern and advanced real estate projects.
- The possibility of a price increase in the coming period.
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