Ideas for home investment in Turkey


Ideas for home investment in Turkey

The most important successful investment ideas about investing in homes in Turkey

Are you one of those who are looking for ideas for investing in homes in Turkey? This is what real estate investors usually ask about. What matters to them is to reach the goal for which they started their real estate investment, which is to obtain a high and rewarding return on investment?
Through the following article, the editorial team at Skyline Real Estate will present you with the most appropriate ideas for investing your homes and real estate in Turkey. If this is one of the topics of interest to you, you can follow up with us, and we hope that you will get an adequate amount of benefit.


How to invest in houses in Turkey?

Through the following paragraphs, let us answer this question in detail so that you have a clear and complete vision of everything related to the methods of investing in real estate and apartments in Turkey.

First: Real estate and home rental:

One of the most famous ways of real estate investment is to rent real estate to obtain a fixed and rewarding monthly return. What assures you of the success of this idea is that there is a clear increase in demand for real estate in Turkey, especially during the tourist seasons, as well as a natural result of the high population density that it witnesses.

Second: Reselling the property:

The time is considered the best time to invest in real estate by reselling it, especially as expectations indicate that real estate prices during the coming period will record a significant increase that may reach sixty percent.
(You will have achieved the equation that emphasizes the necessity of buying real estate at a low price and reselling when prices are high.)


Third: Renovation of the property:

One of the popular investment ideas is to choose an expendable property that needs some restoration work and making modifications so that it acquires a modern look that suits everyone and in order to be attractive to the tenant.
Be completely confident that if you choose to resell it after a time, you will find that you have obtained a large profit from the price difference that resulted between the buying and selling stages.


Houses in Turkey suitable for real estate investment:

What you do not know is that the real estate market in Turkey is full of various options that suit everyone without exception, and this makes you have many possibilities if you want to buy and own homes in Turkey or any other type of real estate.
Through the following paragraphs, we will review together the most important types of houses and apartments in the Turkish real estate sector to decide later which one suits you more.

1 - Apartments of residential complexes:

According to statistics on this matter, the most sought-after and important types of real estate in Turkey are (apartments of residential complexes) because they provide apartment owners a sophisticated and different style of life, depending on many factors, most notably:
- Featured strategic locations are chosen for their construction.
- They often have a wonderful view either of the sea or the green spaces.
- It contains swimming pools - sauna - Turkish bath - steam rooms.
- Walking paths - places for children to play.
- Car parking - security and protection around the clock.

2 - Penthouse apartments:

If you are a fan of luxury apartments and real estate, we advise you to choose penthouse apartments, which are characterized by high luxury, luxurious modern designs, large areas and panoramic views of the city in which they are located.
Among the information that it is important to know about this type of apartments is that they are expensive compared to other types of apartments and residential real estate, and this has made them the preserve of the rich and those with high budgets.

3 - Duplexes/Triplexes:

These two apartments are suitable for families because of the large area, so you will find that most families who inhabit it consist of seven or eight people, where they can obtain independence and comfort.
The difference between the two apartments is that the first consists of two floors above each other, while the second consists of three floors.

4 - Villas:

Perhaps you do not know that villas are considered one of the most important options in the real estate market in Turkey and the best option for real estate investment because:
- Their prices are constantly increasing.
- The demand for it is great.
- The tourism factor that characterizes Turkey.
- It can be exploited in investment ideas other than housing or rent, as its large area allows you to implement many distinctive ideas such as (kindergarten - shopping center - malls - educational institution - medical center).


How is real estate investment in Turkey profitable?

Certainly, this is one of the many questions that come to your mind. The first goal of entering the real estate investment sector is to obtain a large profit through the map that you follow and follow to reach your goals that you hope to achieve.
Below, we will provide you with a set of important tips and advice that will ensure you get excellent returns.
1 - Choose the area of ​​​​the property carefully, and you should know that it is better to choose small areas because the demand for them is greater than large properties, which means that it is very easy to find tenants, and if you want to sell in the future, that will be very easy.
2 - It is necessary to choose the location of the property carefully because the first element of the success of your investment is that the location of the property is strategic, and this is what many real estate experts have stated (location, location, then location).
3 - Check the legal status of the property, as the presence of any problem resulting from it leads to it losing part of its financial value and makes it difficult when you want to dispose of it.
4 - Take field tours within the real estate market in Turkey and see the most important projects available and the options available to choose what suits you.
5 - Beware of buying a property in Turkey on your own without asking for help from a real estate agent or expert to provide you with the help you need.
In this context, let us tell you that if you do not have enough experience to start your investment project or enough time to manage it or to stay in Turkey to supervise the matter, you can use a real estate company that provides its clients with a real estate property management service to take over the entire matter In return, you will get high and abundant profits and invested returns, due to its experience and sufficient knowledge of everything related to the dimensions of the market and its future.


In conclusion, we at Skyline Real Estate are pleased to provide you with all the services, advice and important tips you need to help you achieve the profits and returns that you aspire to obtain.
Be fully confident that the best real estate investment opportunities in Turkey and Istanbul will be in your hands as soon as you contact our consultants.


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