Istanbul countryside


Istanbul countryside

The most famous areas in the beautiful countryside of Istanbul

Away from the center of Istanbul and its most important areas, today Skyline Real Estate takes you on a tour to the most important rural areas in this city. Perhaps you liked it and decided to buy a property there.
In this article, you will learn about the most prominent areas and their most important advantages, as well as the reasons that motivate the foreigner to search for apartments for sale in them.
These lines are comprehensive, useful and answer all the questions you have, so you should read to the end.


Learn about the most prominent villages in the countryside of Istanbul:

Istanbul is rich in green rural areas that have managed to attract the attention of many investors and foreigners around the world. If you want to see them, you can follow the following paragraphs, in which we will talk about the most important ones:

1 - Agva Village:

- This village is located in Sile, which is located in the Asian city of Istanbul.
- It is distinguished by its presence between two rivers (Yelchae and Kok Su).
- Compared to others, it is small in size, but no less important than others.
- It attracts tourists thanks to its most famous attractions and parks (Aglayan Kayalar Park).
- It is the right place to get some rest and relaxation in a calm atmosphere away from the noise.
- It contains swimming pools - places for children to play - places suitable for camping - many restaurants are spread.
- It is meant for everyone who prefers to take a fishing trip - or to practice some types of sports such as walking or cycling.


2 - The Polonezkoy village:

- It is a small village in the countryside of Istanbul, administratively affiliated to the Beykoz district.
- It is thirty kilometers away from the center of Istanbul and also close to the Black Sea coast.
- It is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Istanbul.
- Due to its beauty, its mild climate, and its distance from the pollution of cities, it is visited by tourists from all over.
- When you visit it, you will be able to practice many sports and activities such as cycling or walking.
- You can fulfill your desire and practice your hobby of riding horses in the fields designated for this.
- There is an archaeological museum that contains the holdings of the Poles, who were the first to inhabit them.
- Life in the Polish village is complete, as there are markets and some areas for children's play and you can also camp in them.

3 - Riva Istanbul:

- One of the coastal villages on the Asian side of Istanbul is distinguished by its long beach on the Black Sea.
- Its roads are narrow and far from congestion, characterized by cleanliness and striking designs.
- Among its halls, there are many restaurants that provide you with a delicious meal.
- Among its most prominent archaeological features (the castle belongs to the Ottoman era).
- If you are a fan of camping trips, this is the right place for that.


4 - Sille Village:

- Quietness and cleanliness are important features of this village.
- Its residents and visitors feel completely comfortable, if you are a tourist, you will need more than a day to finish discovering all its details.
- It includes many tourist destinations such as rocky islands.
- In the midst of all this distinction, you must have a delicious meal in one of its restaurants.
- You can do your favorite activities such as walking - running - beach games - water games - swimming.


Luxurious countryside in Istanbul:

You have to bear in mind that Istanbul has rural areas that draw attention with its great distinction. Here are the most important and prominent ones:

1 - Silivri area:

This area bears the rural character par excellence, but it does not lack any of the aspects of sophistication and luxury, and is the most suitable place for searching for villas for sale. It is located on the European side of Istanbul and overlooks the Marmara Sea, which gave it a high importance.
The real estate space is wide. As for the prices, they are suitable and cheaper than most other areas of Istanbul. The Turkish government is working to provide it with public transportation lines in order to make transportation to and from it easy, and this will lead to linking it with the city center.


2 - Arnavutkoy District:

Did you know that this area is an incubator for many mega projects in the city such as the new airport and water canal? This has made it an investment destination for many investors and businessmen, as it is expected that real estate prices will rise significantly during the coming period.
It is distinguished by its real estate diversity, and the villas are especially famous for their sea views.


3 - Catalca District:

Also, this area is located on the European side of this city, specifically in the northwest of Buyukcekmece Lake, and is characterized by wide green spaces and wonderful orchards, as well as containing horse farms.
It is one of the largest areas of Istanbul, and its strategic location played a role in increasing its value, as it is close to Silivri, Basaksehir and the Black Sea.


Who chooses to go to the countryside of Istanbul:

You may wonder about the need for people to go to the rural areas with the presence of the developed central areas that follow the approach of modernity and development.
There are a number of reasons why city residents urgently need to go to rural areas sometimes, the most important of which are:
1 - To begin with, the urgent need for stability in the areas of Istanbul, where recreational services, schools, hospitals, shopping centers and other indispensable basics of life are available, cannot be overlooked.
2 - Many people may need to get a period of rest, recuperation and calm away from the hustle and bustle and noise that may be annoying at times.
3 - Rural areas are among the destinations that some choose to spend time on vacations and holidays, and be fully confident that you will get great fun and comfort.
4 - Some villages in Istanbul constantly attract tourists due to their natural features and archaeological and historical landmarks.
5 - Apartments and real estate in the countryside are spacious and suitable for large families and are suitable for those looking for privacy and independence.
In the context of talking about the importance of the Istanbul countryside, we must point out that its importance has emerged greatly during the Corona crisis, which imposed a presence in uncrowded and clean places.


Advantages of owning real estate in the countryside of Istanbul:

If you decide to buy a property in one of the rural areas of Istanbul, these advantages will be yours:
- You will live in a quiet environment and independently.
- You will not have to contend with the noise and environmental pollution experienced by cities.
- A great idea to live in the middle of nature.
- Real estate prices in Turkey are rather low and this is suitable for people with low budgets.
- Did you know that the cost of living in rural areas is moderate and acceptable as well.


Disadvantages of buying a property in the countryside of Istanbul:

Everything has two sides, one positive and the other negative. The following are the main disadvantages or negatives that you will find when buying a property in the countryside.
- There are few job opportunities in contrast to the city centre.
- Rural areas lack many services and recreational places.
- The properties are old fashioned and simple in contrast to the central areas such as luxury apartment complexes.
- If you own a house in the countryside of Istanbul, this is not a substitute for owning one in the city center.


Forms of real estate investment in rural areas:

The Istanbul countryside is one of the distinguished options to start an investment project, and it is one of the promising opportunities, and many capital owners and investors consider it a good start.
- Residential apartments, hotel apartments, villas or hotels.
- Agricultural land and farms can be invested.
- You can invest in commercial real estate such as restaurants - cafes.

When did you choose to go to rural areas?

In certain cases, you will have to visit those areas, get acquainted with them through the following paragraphs:
1 - When you want to visit historical places:
These areas include many historical and archaeological places that drive many tourists around the world to go to it, and they belong to different eras and periods of time.
2 - If you prefer to visit the beaches:
Many of the rural areas of Istanbul are distinguished by their presence on the coasts and this has encouraged tourists and locals to visit them regularly.
You can enjoy all the natural surroundings and it is the right place for camping trips.
3 - When you need a recovery period:
Many people need to spend a while in a remote place where they feel comfortable after an ailment or something and the countryside will surely provide them with the required relief.
4 - Doing shopping tours at affordable prices:
What we must emphasize is that the countryside is rich in various markets and popular bazaars. You can buy everything you need at competitive and distinguished prices, and you will also buy handicrafts if you like.
You can now determine if the countryside of Istanbul is among your options when buying a property in this city. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us, or if you want to get a unique real estate opportunity, we can help you and provide the best and most suitable options for you.


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