Istanbul Water Canal


Istanbul Water Canal

All you need to know about Istanbul water canal and its investment value

Istanbul Water Canal - The era project - New Bosphorus - Project of the Century. Several names have been given to this project, which was classified as one of the most important products Turkey has produced in the infrastructure sector.

What do you think are the reasons that made this project so popular? What is its impact on the Turkish state? Will it have a reflection on the Turkish economy? What about the impact of the Canal on the real estate sector?

Do not search for answers to these inquiries far, as Skyline Real Estate has prepared for you, through this article, all the information you are looking for about it.


Important information about Istanbul Water Canal:

Through the following paragraph, we will provide you with the most important and prominent information and details that you are interested to know about the new Istanbul Water Canal.

- The length of this waterway is 45 km.

- The width of the canal is 275 meters and its depth is 25 meters.

- It extends from the Golden Horn (it will connect the Marmara Sea with the Bosphorus).

- It will carry more than a third of the freight borne by the Bosphorus.

- One of the most important water sources in Turkey.

- It is planned that two real estate cities will be built along it.

- It will have a significant impact on all areas and sectors.

- The cost of this project will be about 25 billion dollars.

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Learn about the importance of the new Canal:

It is no secret to anyone that this Canal is important and the many advantages it will provide.

1 - It will have the capacity to pass about one hundred and thirty barges daily.

2 - An important addition to the transport sector in Istanbul on both the sea and land levels.

3 - It will reduce environmental pollution.

4 - The cost of building this canal is huge, there is no difference in that, but all of it will be compensated within two years.

5 - Did you know that on both sides of the canal there will be green spaces and parks, with an estimated area of ​​147 million square meters.

6 - It is a link between Istanbul's new airport and Istanbul city center.

7 - Globally important companies tend to set up their corporate headquarters nearby.

8 - The most important construction companies are building their projects near them.


The impact of the water canal on the Turkish economy:

One of the goals that Turkey will achieve through the Istanbul Water Canal is the development of the economy and will also provide job opportunities for many people. According to experts and specialists, it will be an effective solution to many of the problems that Turkey suffers from, the most important of which is that it will relieve pressure on the Bosphorus Strait - it will also contribute to solving the traffic problem.

The economy will benefit from it, as it will be one of the huge financial sources, as it is similar to a huge global shipping road, and there is not much left before its launch is announced, as its construction is scheduled to be completed in the next year 2023 AD.


Real estate near the new canal:

- The real estate sector in Istanbul will be greatly affected by the presence of the Istanbul Water Canal, but the greatest impact will be on the nearby areas, and this is what has been sought and it is still in the process of construction. How will it be when it is completed? Basaksehir and Arnavtkoy districts that were most affected by it.

It is expected that the price per square meter will increase significantly when the construction works are completed.

On both sides, you will find many luxury residential complexes - hotels - commercial centers - malls.


What is the importance of buying a property near the canal?

Have you thought about the huge amount of perks you will get when buying a property near the new canal?

1 - Strategic geographic location:

If you choose to search for real estate for sale near this canal, you will have adhered to the first rule for the success of real estate investment (location, then location, then location), and you will also be close to the most important tourist attractions.


2 - areas rich in services:

The areas near the canal will be provided with the most important service facilities that provide residents with a luxurious and sophisticated life, such as (hospitals - schools - universities - public transportation - sports clubs - playgrounds - parks and gardens).


3 - Luxurious and distinctive properties:

The real estate projects close to it will be characterized by luxury, sophistication and modernity that will suit all tastes, as well as you will get a wonderful sea view. Is it suitable for real estate investment? Of course, real estate prices will rise significantly.

What should be noted here is that this huge project, which combined with other important projects in Istanbul, made it an ideal environment for real estate investment. If you look at the real estate market in that city, you will find it crowded with investors of different nationalities.

Among the other most important projects in this city is (Istanbul New Airport), which was opened recently and is today one of the largest air transport stations in the world, (Başakşehir Medical City), which ranked third in Europe.

Not to mention the modern transportation methods and highways that dealt with the problem of congestion and overpopulation.


Important questions about Istanbul Water Canal:

Many foreigners, Turks and investors are forming question marks about that Canal, and we found it necessary to dedicate the following paragraph to it in order to answer it.

1 - How will the Canal support Turkish trade with foreign countries?

What you do not know is that the canal will introduce Turkey to the competition in international trade in the field of transport and will make it at the forefront of the leading countries in this field.


2 - How much profits will Turkey get thanks to the new Canal?

According to many studies and data presented in this regard, the revenues that Turkey will obtain through this Canal are very large, which have been estimated at about eight billion US dollars annually.

(Turkey will get five and a half dollars for every ton of goods that pass through it daily.)


3 - Who supported the existence of this Water Canal?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considerd the first supporter of the existence of this Canal, as from his point of view it is a way to implement the Justice and development Plan and to achieve the vision of 2023 AD.

The Turkish President has indicated that the impact of this Canal will not end, but rather it is an important imprint that will last for centuries to come.


4 - What are the main objectives to be achieved through the construction of the canal project?

According to what many experts have indicated, this project will contribute to making Turkey self-sufficient in the field of defense industries, which is a fair compensation for it, as it will be the first economic and political controller in Turkey, in contrast to the situation with the Bosphorus because of the (Montreux Agreement).


5 - Does this Canal have any negative effects?

According to many studies on that canal, there are no negative effects on it. On the contrary, it is environmentally friendly and will reduce pollution emissions that harm the archaeological areas surrounding it and close to it.

But it should be noted that there are opinions opposed to this talk and said that it will isolate the archaeological area in Istanbul and turn it into an island.

Among the opinions opposing the existence of this Canal, it was said that it would cause an environmental massacre.

In the context of talking about that canal, we must point out that it is likely that after the completion of its construction stages and the completion of the construction of residential and investment projects on both sides, the population of Istanbul will increase by about one million and two hundred thousand people.

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