Istiklal Street in Istanbul


Istiklal Street in Istanbul

Features of Istiklal Street in Taksim Istanbul

Today, in Skyline Real Estate, we will take a tour of Istiklal Street in Istanbul, which is one of the most important and most prestigious places that you may visit in this city, and its fame today is not new, since its foundation until now it is considered one of the most important and longest streets.
Everything you want to know about this street can be found in this article, which will serve as your comprehensive guide around it.
We hope you have an enjoyable reading.


Important information about Istiklal Street in Istanbul:

- It is one of the popular streets.
- Specifically, it is located between Taksim Square and Tunnel Square.
- It has a length of 1.4 km.
- Every day it receives more than three million visitors. (This number doubles on holidays and becomes six million).
- You will be amazed by the strange mixture that you will see in this street, where heritage, modernity and history.
- Earlier, it was called the Arab Street, and the reason for that was the large presence of Arab youth in it.
- According to researchers and specialists, it has maintained its position since time immemorial until today.
- Its fame reached Germany, and according to what was announced, the Germans are keen to visit it when they are in Istanbul, but they do not shop there because of the high prices there.
- Lots of people come to walk and see the shops, and you don't have to have a goal to visit.

Did you know that this street is visited by many foreigners of different nationalities, and when you visit it, you will not need an interpreter with you, as you must find someone who speaks the language you speak, and in this context there is a French traveler whose name is (Gerard de Nerval) who visited it. He said that I did not find the need to take an interpreter with me. Lots of people there speak French.

Istiklal Street Contents:

Through the following paragraphs, we will inform you about the most prominent contents and places that you will find on Istiklal Street in Istanbul.

1 - Historic buildings:

- On this street you will find many buildings of historical and archaeological character.
- It is constantly being renovated and repaired to keep it attractive to tourists.
- There are many mosques (Hussein Agha Mosque).
- It includes ancient churches such as (Santa Maria Church - St. Anthony's Church).
- You will also find many synagogues.


2 - Consulates:

- It houses many important consulates of the most important European countries.
- Italian Consulate.
- French consulate.
- Austrian Consulate.
- British Consulate.
- Swedish Consulate.

3 - Galatasaray Square:

- This square is located in the middle of Istiklal Street.
- Earlier it was a high school.
- It always attracts hundreds of tourists and visitors.

4 - Pandora's Library:

- One of the most important libraries in the world (it contains a lot of English books).
- You will find the most important Turkish and English books as well as many maps.
- You will get a lot of information about the city of Istanbul.
- It is a quiet and wonderful place to practice your hobby of reading.

5 - Wax Museum:

- One of the most prominent museums in Istanbul is the 21st edition of Madame Tussauds International Museums.
- You will get acquainted with the most important world-famous personalities (actors - politicians - scientists - intellectuals).
- These characters have been embodied so professionally that you think they are real.
- It covers an area of ​​about 2000 square meters.

6 - The fish market:

- This market is located next to the flower pass adjacent to it.
- One of the most attractive places for tourists.
- It contains a variety of different types of fish.
- There are also many fruit and vegetable stores.
In addition to all this, you will find many used book stores and various fashion stores suitable for all ages, and one of the advantages of this street is that it is lively and active throughout the day and hour.
On this street there are many cinemas - theaters - exhibitions - restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of western, eastern and Turkish meals.


How to get to Istiklal Street?

- We have already mentioned that it is located near Taksim Square on the European side of the city.
- It is easily accessible as there are many means of transportation to reach it.
- You can reach it through the metro - tramway.


Activities to do on Istiklal Street:

1 - Shopping:

One of the most prominent activities that you can do when you visit this street is shopping, where there are many shops and fashion houses - you can find heritage goods - you will also find international brands and famous brands.
Prices in this street differ from one place to another, sometimes you find them high and exorbitant, and in some places you find them appropriate and moderate.
There are also home furnishing stores, perfume stores, electronic and technology gadgets.

2 - Dervishes Museum:

You can visit this museum, which contains all the clothes, tools of the dervishes and the books they were reading. You should know that it is a mixture of Sufi - Roman - Islamic.

3 - The Independence Statue:

You must visit the Independence Statue which is located in Taksim Square and is one of the symbols that refer to the independence war in Turkey.


4 - Visit the art galleries:

In the streets around Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul you will find many art museums that contain masterpieces of international celebrities such as great paintings.

5 - Take a night tour of Istiklal Street:

One of the advantages of this street is that you hardly know it at night and it is great to try visiting it at night and eat some of the famous foods offered by restaurants and shops or have drinks.
One of the surprising aspects that you will find at night are the famous Turkish rock bands that put on great shows.

6 - Take a look at French Street:

One of the places that is important to visit is French Street, which is a side street that is very similar in design and appearances to the streets of France. It has many restaurants that are open throughout the year.


7 - The Flower Pass:

Do not forget to visit the most famous place (the flower pass), which got its name from the fact that earlier all its shops were devoted to the sale of flowers. You can walk around it or sit in one of the restaurants or cafes that are located on its outskirts.

What is the impact of Istiklal Street on tourism in Turkey?

Each historical or natural landmark has a reflection on the field of tourism, especially if we refer to an integrated place that has a wide reputation in Istanbul, such as this street, which attracts millions of tourists annually, local residents and investors.
It also has a clear impact on the real estate field. The closer we get to it, the higher the prices, such as Beyoglu and Taksim. Therefore, these areas have attracted real estate investors, as they have found an integrated environment in which to implement their projects.

We presented to you in this article a detailed report on Istiklal Street in Istanbul. We hope that you have formed a complete picture of it. If you are interested in the city of Istanbul, do not forget to visit our website constantly to check out the most important information about it.


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