KidZania Istanbul


KidZania Istanbul

All the details about KidZania Istanbul and the activities you can do there

KidZania Istanbul is one of the most important gaming cities in Istanbul. What do you think about getting to know it and its most prominent details?

If you look closely, you will find that Istanbul is a place that suits everyone without exception (for all family members), especially if you want unforgettable tours.

In this article, we at Skyline Real Estate chose to inform you about Kidzania Istanbul, if this is an important topic for you, follow these lines.


Key information about KidZania Istanbul:

- It is one of the most important gaming cities in Istanbul.

- It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul in the Uskudar region in particular.

- It extends over an area of ​​8000 square meters.

- Rest assured that your children will have a great time there.

- Suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years.


Things to do in KidZania Istanbul:

The children will spend a fun and special trip in this city of games, and they will learn about new things and details in the next paragraph. You can take a look at the most important activities that can be done when visiting it.

1 - Practicing professions and businesses:

- Did you know that this city will not only give your child amusement and fun? Where he can discover himself as well.

- There are many professions and jobs that he can do so they will discover the things they love.

- They can practice the profession of a cook where they will contribute to the preparation of many delicious meals.

- There is also the profession of a firefighter.

- They will also practice the profession of security man.

- They may also practice as a doctor.

2 - Doing different sports:

- If your kids love to play sports, in KidZania Istanbul they will find plenty of space to do what they love.

- They can play soccer, basketball or other activities.

3 - Read stories:

- In this game town there is a small library.

- It has many colorful stories and comics.

- Children can listen to the stories of the storyteller.

4 - Doing the activity of drawing:

- Many children prefer to engage in the activity of drawing, as KidZania is a very suitable place to practice their hobbies.

- There are glass windows that they can draw on and add color to and it will be on display for several days.

5 - Organizing birthday parties:

- The city administration allows birthday parties to be held.

- An agreement is reached between the parents and the administration to make a surprise for the child.

- Your children will have a fun and interesting time.


Entrance cost to KidZania Istanbul:

Since it is a place designated and suitable for children, the cost of entry to it is (95) Turkish lira, as for adults, the cost is (35) Turkish lira, and for those less than two years old, it is free.


KidZania working hours:

It opens its doors on a daily basis, for visitors from ten in the morning until five in the evening, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday, it is delayed by closing its doors until eight in the evening.

The weekend for this city is Monday.


Hotels near KidZania:

One of the most famous hotels nearby is (My Dora Hotel Istanbul), which is a three-star hotel, and the distance between them is 4.1 km.

There is also (Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi), which is located in Kadikoy, 5.4 km away.


The most important places near KidZania Istanbul:

If you visit the Games City, and after completing your tour, you and your children can visit many other special places, and this is what we will review through the following paragraphs:

1 - Sunday Bazaar:

Istanbul is famous for the presence of many important and famous markets that attract tourists from everywhere, and the Sunday bazaar is one of the most popular markets.

- First you have to take a tour of the market to get to know the most important details and information about it.

- In it you will find everything you need such as vegetables and fruits.

- The products in this bazaar are of high quality, low and affordable prices.

- If you visit it, do not forget to taste the delicious hot desserts.

2 - Emaar Mall:

- It is one of the largest malls and shopping centers in Istanbul and was opened in 2017.

- It is very large and consists of three floors and was able to achieve wide fame.

- It includes many important brands and famous international brands.

- It has a parking lots - skating rink - a water zoo.

- It contains the most important restaurants where you can try the delicious meals that are served.

- It has a cinema - a bowling alley - where you can experience virtual reality.

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3 - Parasol Street:

- One of the best places to visit in Istanbul.

- It got this name in relation to the canopies that completely cover the street.

- Its benefit lies in the fact that it protects market-goers from the heat of the sun in summer and from rain in winter.

- In it you will find all kinds of supplies you need, whether it is clothes, foodstuffs, or the like.

- If you want to take a break after touring it, you can sit at one of the cafes that are distributed in the area.

4 - Freedom Park:

- Away from the markets and attractions, what do you think of visiting a park and large green spaces?

- Freedom Park is one of the most distinctive and sparkling places to visit.

- It includes children's playgrounds and there are places for sports such as walking - running - cycling.

- There are different types of flowers and roses, and don't forget to take a lot of souvenir photos.

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Why would you choose to take your kids to KidZania?

After all the information we gave you about KidZania Istanbul, you must determine your goal of taking your children there. Is it for fun and entertainment or to discover their skills?

Istanbul is known to be one of the best tourist destinations in the world and not only in Turkey. This is what prompted many visitors to search for different and distinctive places, and Kidzania is one of the famous places in various countries of the world and is a copy of the original Mexican.

Many people take their children on a trip to it, in order to discover themselves, their skills and abilities, and also in order to have a fun and interesting time, as it is an integrated place that combines interest and entertainment at the same time.

Did you know that the presence of such a tourist attraction has a great positive impact on the area in which it is located, as it gives it a lively and active character and makes it a safe haven for tourism and also has a direct impact on the prices of its real estate, as it leads to its continuous rise and thus is a suitable area for real estate investment. Indeed, the Uskudar area is one of the most important Real estate investment areas at all, intended by investors from everywhere.

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In this context, we have to mention that Istanbul contains a lot of historical and tourist places that are worth visiting that you can visit when you are in Istanbul.

Through this article, we have provided you with the most important information related to KidZania Istanbul. We hope that we have answered your questions about it. Do not forget to visit our website continuously in order to see everything that is new.


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