Luxury areas in Istanbul


Luxury areas in Istanbul

A journey inside the most luxurious areas in Istanbul

Are you looking for Luxury areas in Istanbul? In that city, you will find many distinctive options that have attracted foreign investments to it, as well as those who are looking for an ideal place to settle.

Through this article, you will learn about the finest and most important areas in Istanbul to buy real estate - you will learn about their features and the importance of housing there - the most prominent tourist attractions that they embrace, and many other details.


Check out the most important Luxury areas in Istanbul:

In fact, you are in front of a variety of high-end areas in Istanbul, the most important of which we will review through the following paragraphs.

Nisantasi District:

What draws attention to this area is that it has managed to maintain its sophistication and distinction since its inception until the present time. In the past, it was known as the area of ​​the Ottoman sultans, and today it is the area of ​​the rich due to the markedly high real estate prices in it.

Where do you think this region got its distinction from?

Its location is on the European side of Istanbul.

It is part of Sisli district.

It contains many fashion houses.

If you are a follower of the latest fashion, you should choose it.

There are many restaurants - cafes built in a classic style.

One of the most famous malls in it is (City Mall).


Sultanahmet District:

It is considered one of the most famous areas in Istanbul, visited by tourists from all over the world, to see the important archaeological and historical landmarks it holds. When you visit this area, you will learn about history in its best form.

Among the most famous and important historical monuments in Sultanahmet:

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque).

The famous Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Covered market.

Topkapi Palace.

Restaurants - cafes.

What you do not know is that it is one of the most important and prominent areas suitable for families to live and stay, due to the availability of all service facilities that provide them with a life of luxury and stability.


Kadikoy area:

Who said that sophistication, distinction and civilization are found in European Istanbul only? The Asian side of the city is also known for the manifestations of luxury that attract many foreigners and locals.

It is one of the upscale and modern areas.

you will find many luxury residential complexes there.

It contains many restaurants and shops.

One of the most important and prominent tourist destinations.

One of its most famous landmarks (Baghdad Street).

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Istanbul Taksim District:

It is located in the city center and is one of the most frequented destinations for tourists and is one of the most crowded areas.

One of the lively places full of markets.

you will find the famous Istiklal Street in its center.

It includes many restaurants-cafes.

It contains a lot of shops - exhibitions.

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Besiktas region:

One of the most important and oldest European areas of Istanbul.

Overlooking the Bosphorus.

It includes many high-end real estate projects.

It contains historical and tourist attractions.


Are real estate prices in high-end areas high?

When you find that these areas are full of all these advantages, you will certainly think that they are very high prices and do not suit everyone, or in other words, they only suit those with high budgets?

This is not accurate. First, real estate prices in various luxury areas of Istanbul are appropriate and acceptable compared to the prices that you will find in European or American countries and even in some Arab countries.

And add to your information that the prices of apartments or real estate in that city are determined by many factors such as location, size, view, etc.

Take a look at the prices in some popular regions with the following table:


Region square meter price
Beyoğlu district 27 thousand Turkish liras
Besiktas region 22 thousand and 746 Turkish liras
Kadikoy area 19 thousand and 600 Turkish liras
Bakirkoy area 18 thousand and 400 Turkish liras
Zeytinburnu region 15 thousand and 326 Turkish liras
Sisli District 28 thousand and 270 Turkish liras


Real estate prices cannot remain constant for long periods, as they fluctuate constantly according to the conditions in the Turkish real estate market, especially if we are talking about luxury areas, most of the real estate or investment projects in which there are modern and high-end (residential complexes).

What supports your decision to own property in these areas is that construction companies offer a lot of tempting offers. If you do not have the ability to pay the value of the property in cash, you can choose to buy an apartment in installments.


The most important purchase of real estate in high-end areas:

Do you have an idea of ​​the advantages that you will get when you choose to live in one of the prestigious areas of Istanbul?

1 - Luxurious or high-end areas are distinguished by their geographical location in the city, where you can find them in the city center.

2 - Rich in public transportation, which made transportation to any other area very easy, which added a lot of investment importance to it.

3 - One of the most popular means of public transport in which it is located or that passes through it (metrobus - metro).

4 - you will find the most important and famous malls, shopping centers and commercial centers there.

5- The Turkish government pays a lot of attention and care to them and is constantly improving its infrastructure.

6 - Recreational services are available - schools - universities - hospitals - game cities.

7 - A great option for real estate investment where you can get a lot of profits and returns.

8 - Real estate prices in those areas are constantly rising, (for example, if you buy an apartment in them today, after three years your capital may increase by about fifty percent or more).

9 - Most of these neighborhoods are characterized by being quiet and inhabited by the rich and the high and educated classes.


Important alerts when owning high-end real estate:

In the following paragraph, we will give you a set of important tips and instructions that you will need when looking for an apartment for sale in the luxury areas of Istanbul.

First: Do not sign the sales contract before you have seen the most important areas and their features to choose what suits you.

Second: Monitor your money well so that you do not encounter costs that were not included in your accounts.

Third: Do not buy the apartment on your own without obtaining the advice of an expert or real estate agent.

Fourth: Make sure that there are no legal problems arising from the property (seizure - mortgage).


 The European side or the Asian side to live in an upscale area?

If you are going to live in one of Istanbul's upscale areas, which side of the city would you choose, Asian or European?

Your choice is based on your desires. If you prefer to live in a quiet environment surrounded by the manifestations of nature, you should choose the Asian side, but if you prefer a bustling and lively life, you should choose the European side.

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In both sides, distinctive properties that were built according to the latest international quality standards and high-end specifications are available, you do not have to search a lot or be confused in choosing, our team at Skyline Real Estate are always waiting for you to provide you with a set of advice and consultations and to accompany you to visit the most important and prominent projects so that you Choose what suits you completely freely.



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