​​Marmara Sea in Turkey


​​Marmara Sea in Turkey

All you need to know about Marmara sea in Turkey

The ​​Marmara Sea in Turkey is one of the four seas that surround this country. It is distinguished from others in that it is entirely within Turkish territory, meaning that it is the only owner of it.

The editorial team at Skyline Real Estate has prepared the following article for you, in which it will discuss the Marmara Sea and will shed light on the most important information related to it. You will also read about the extent to which the real estate sector is related to this sea.


The location of the Marmara Sea in Turkey in detail:

- It is located in the northwest of the Turkish state.

- It separates the two sides of Istanbul.

- It is very similar to the characteristics of the Black Sea.

- It connects to the Aegean Sea through the Dardanelles Strait.

Among the information that we must point out about this sea is that its name came in relation to the (marble) islands in which it is located, and at the bottom were found shipwrecks belonging to the Byzantine and Ottoman states.

- The total area of ​​the Marmara Sea is 11,350 square kilometers.

- Its length is about 225 km.

- Its width is 65 km.

- Its maximum depth is 1270 meters.

More than six hundred species of marine creatures and fish live in this sea, as well as sharks and sea turtles.

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How is the Sea of ​​Marmara formed?

Take a look at the history of this sea, was it formed by a flood? Or was it part of a second sea and separated from it? This is to be expected given its small area.

In fact, according to expectations, it was formed by the great flood that occurred more than 20 million years ago and that in the past it was part of a large sea.


The economic role of the Marmara Sea:

The great economic importance of this sea cannot be overlooked. If you search well around it, you will find that it is a (natural gas mine), the first in Turkey, and gas extraction from it began in 1997.

Do not forget that it is an important tourist destination that annually attracts millions of tourists and is therefore a source of foreign exchange for the country.

Important information about the ​​Marmara Sea:

- On its islands there are many sources of marble (so it is an invaluable wealth).

- The level of salinity in it is more than that found in the Black Sea and much less than that found in the oceans.

- The Marmara region includes many distinct areas such as: Edirne - Bursa - Canakkale - Balıkesir.


Visit these places in Marmara region:

If you make a tourist trip to the Turkish state one day, we advise you that the areas within the Sea of ​​Marmara be one of your first options, and through the following paragraph we will review the most important five of them.

1 - Istanbul:

It is not possible to visit Turkey and Istanbul is not the first place you visit, as it is a city that spans two continents and embraces many landmarks of beauty, sophistication and charm, and be sure that a few days will not suffice you to finish it.

Among the most famous landmarks and destinations that you can visit (Hagia Sophia Mosque - Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Archeology Museum - Grand Market).

2 - Bursa City:

Bursa is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey and the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. You will be surprised by the huge number of landmarks and places you can visit, such as: (the cable car, which is the longest in the world - the Great Mosque, restaurants - cafes).

3 - Edirne:

This city is close to the Greek-Bulgarian border, you can visit its distinguished ancient mosques and see those architectural masterpieces that were produced in the past.

4 - Canakkale City:

As for this city, you can practice many different activities, such as: (eating on the seashore - visiting the ancient castle and the ancient museum - watching the Troy Horse film).


Areas in Istanbul overlooking the Marmara Sea:

Many people looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul or in other cities in Turkey prefer to have a sea view. Here are the most important areas of Istanbul overlooking the Marmara Sea, get to know them.

1 - Beylikduzu District:

Surely you have heard of this area, as it has been mentioned a lot recently among the audience of investors and those interested in real estate in Turkey.

There are those who called it the new urban face in relation to the urban transformation projects that it includes, through which old properties have been replaced by new ones (residential complexes).

In more details about this area, it is located on the European side and overlooks the Marmara Sea, and gardens and parks occupy large areas of it.

It is suitable for housing and settling families, as well as for real estate investment, especially after predictions that indicate that during the coming period real estate prices will witness a significant increase after the increase in demand for them.

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2 - Silivri area:

This area extends along the Marmara Sea and is visited by many Turks and tourists in order to spend a fun and beautiful time in the lap of nature. What you do not know about it is that it has an elegant and refined rural character.

It is known that the prices of real estate overlooking the sea are high, and this rule does not apply in Silivri, which is one of the cheapest areas of Istanbul.


3 - Uskudar Region:

One of the most famous and oldest areas in Istanbul, and what distinguishes it from others is that it has a double sea view, the first on the Marmara Sea and the second on the Bosphorus Strait.

Its properties are suitable for investment, as construction companies have turned to it to build modern and luxurious residential complexes. Add to your information that according to its features, it is considered suitable for buying villas.


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Importance of buying a property overlooking the ​​Marmara Sea:

In your opinion, what are the advantages of owning a property with a sea view? In general, it is one of the best types of real estate ever for many reasons, including:

1 - It is nice to wake up every day to see the sea in front of you.

2 - The areas overlooking the sea are quiet and surrounded by serenity on all sides.

3 - These areas receive great government attention as it seeks to provide them with service and recreational facilities.

4 - Where you will find the most prestigious schools, universities, and government and private medical centers.

5 - It is provided with an integrated transportation network to facilitate access to it.

6 - It is one of the most suitable options for real estate investment, as it provides the highest returns and profits.

7 - The prices of real estate overlooking the sea are constantly increasing.

8 - It can be rented easily, especially during the tourist seasons and holidays and vacations.

In this regard, it must be noted that the prices of real estate facing the sea are high compared to other types of real estate because:

- The demand for it is great.

- Few opportunities.

- They are often high-end and luxury residential complexes.


Skyline Real Estate was with you on a detailed tour of everything related to the Marmara Sea in Turkey, where we indicated its importance at the beginning and then we talked about the areas overlooking it and then its impact on the real estate sector.

Whatever your choice, we are pleased to provide you with the appropriate real estate opportunities that achieve your goals, and we advise you to visit our website always to keep your eye on everything related to the Turkish state.



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