Maslak Istanbul District


Maslak Istanbul District

All the secrets of Maslak Istanbul district

Have you ever wondered about the most important areas in Istanbul? Are you curious to know the most elegant and luxurious areas of this city? Never mind, in the following article, we will present to you one of the most important and prominent areas of Istanbul, which is (Maslak), which is part of the luxurious Sariyer area, which is known for its excessive luxury and unparalleled sophistication, and this area has been known as a safe haven for the wealthy and those with high budgets. 


The most important information related to the Maslak Istanbul area: 

The Maslak area has been given the title of the wealthy, and this title was not in vain, but was the result of its sophistication and luxury represented in all its aspects and in all its details. You can find that most of its residents are businessmen, politicians and celebrities. It has maintained this level since the era of the Ottoman sultans, when their first residence was in Istanbul, as evidenced by the luxurious palaces and museums it contains. 


Where is Maslak-Istanbul located? 

First of all, the Maslak district is located on the European side of Istanbul and is part of the most prestigious area of ​​the city Sariyer. From its location, it has a view of the Sariyer forests, specifically in the northeastern part of the European side in Istanbul. Maslak-Istanbul is distinguished by its presence next to the two most important areas in the city (Sisli / Eyup Sultan). It is also close to the Bosphorus Strait, which divides the city into two parts, and what separates the Maslak Istanbul area from the Taksim area is only two minutes. It is worth noting that starting from Maslak and in just 15 minutes, you will be on the Asian side of the city, and if you want to reach Istanbul's new airport, you will not need more than half an hour. .

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Transportation in the Maslak-Istanbul area:  

The Maslak-Istanbul area contains a large number of service facilities that make its residents in great comfort and luxury, and on top of these services we have transportation lines. The M2 metro line passes through it and it has two stations within the area, in addition to a network that feeds the area such as buses, which connect Maslak with the rest of the other nearby areas. 


Educational institutions in the Maslak Istanbul area: 

Maslak-Istanbul does not lack any of the educational institutions needed by the population and includes a group of important and famous schools and universities, the most prominent of which are: Istanbul Technical University, which is one of the most famous, distinguished and ancient Turkish universities, and also includes two international schools, the first is the Bosphorus School and the second is the British School. It also contains government schools suitable for all levels of education, from kindergarten to high school. 


Medical institutions in the Maslak Istanbul area: 

The Maslak Istanbul area also includes a group of medical and health centers, and Ajeeb Adam Hospital is one of the most important hospitals in Istanbul in general and not only in the Maslak area. It should be noted that the area includes a large number of clinics and pharmacies. 


Commercial markets in the Maslak-Istanbul area: 

Maslak Istanbul contains two of the city's most important malls, Canyon Mall and Istanbul Valley Mall, in addition to many other commercial centers, which in turn contain a lot of Turkish and international goods, in addition to many recreational activities. In this context, the Maslak-Istanbul area contains many famous tourist attractions, including: Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge / Elgiz Museum / Belgrade Forest / Maslak Castle.


Are you wondering about real estate prices in the Maslak-Istanbul area? 

Although real estate prices in Maslak-Istanbul are somewhat high, there must be a difference in this from one place to another according to the type of property / its area / its view, and the same applies to rentals. 

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Real estate in the Maslak-Istanbul area: 

The real estate of this region is of great importance and many privileges that prompted many real estate investors inside and outside Turkey to go to it, and here are its most important features: 

1 - Real estate in the Maslak-Istanbul area is completely safe, as it has been designed to be earthquake-resistant, and this aspect is enough to guarantee you the health of the real estate investment. But you might say that it is known about Istanbul real estate that all of them are earthquake-resistant, so what makes Maslak more special? Simply, the distinction of the Maslak region in this aspect stems from its nature. What proves the correctness of this statement are the castles and fortresses in which they are located, which are still steadfast today, despite all the natural disasters that the region has been exposed to. 

2 - As we mentioned above, the Maslak-Istanbul area is one of the most luxurious areas at all, especially that the Turkish government pays special attention to it through the construction of modern projects, in addition to strengthening its infrastructure. This was one of the reasons that raised real estate prices in it and therefore it is one of the best options that lead you to a successful real estate investment followed by high returns. 

3 - It is natural that the predominant real estate character in Istanbul is the residential complexes, but they are somewhat different, as they have unique engineering designs, and this resulted from the great competition that arose between the construction companies in providing the best and most distinguished in order to reach the satisfaction of investors in particular. By purchasing an apartment in one of the residential complexes in the Maslak-Istanbul area, you will have a wonderful view, which will be either on the sea or on the green spaces.


What are the most prominent advantages of buying a property in the Maslak-Istanbul area? 

1 - By purchasing a property in the Maslak-Istanbul area, you will have an opportunity to obtain a real estate residence permit, which is one of the most prominent and important residences in Turkey, where it is easy to obtain and the possibility of renewal. 

2 - By purchasing a property in the Maslak-Istanbul area, Turkish citizenship can be obtained if the price of the property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, in addition to the obligation after selling it, except when three years have passed from the date of its purchase. 

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What is the future of real estate investment in Maslak-Istanbul? 

This question is one of the aspects of most interest to real estate investors, what about the investment future in that area, and is it a right choice? Based on all the positive features and details that the Maslak-Istanbul area possesses, we can say that it is a fertile environment for the growth of real estate investment, especially since the annual rate of rise in real estate prices has reached 3.18%. Therefore, a promising future is expected for this region, not only in terms of real estate, but also in the field of economy and tourism. 

Your chances of getting a premium apartment in one of the most prominent areas of the city are still there and the options in the Maslak-Istanbul area are abundant. You can now contact the Skyline Real Estate team to book a place for you in the Sultans and Princes area to make your dreams come true.



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