Nationalities prohibited from owning property in Turkey


Nationalities prohibited from owning property in Turkey

The nationalities that can not buy property in Turkey

The nationalities prohibited from owning property in Turkey are among the topics that have revolved around a lot of questions and inquiries, and it concerns all those who are concerned with the real estate market in Turkey, including investors, businessmen and money owners.

What nationalities are prohibited by Turkish law from buying real estate in Turkey? What are the reasons that prevent them from owning them? What are the main motives that encourage foreigners to own property in Turkey?

Many questions that need answers, the editorial team at Skyline Real Estate has worked on including them for you in this article.


Learn about the nationalities prohibited from owning property in Turkey:

In 2012, the Turkish government issued a decision to allow all foreigners in the world to buy real estate in Turkey, but this decision did not include Syrian, Armenian, Cuban, North Korean and Greek Cypriot nationals.

Now you will wonder about the reasons why those in charge of the government in Turkey prevented the holders of these nationalities from owning its land. In fact, it is a set of reasons, including historical and political ones. Below you will find a comprehensive explanation of the matter.


Reasons for preventing Syrian citizenship:

What prevents holders of Syrian citizenship from buying and owning real estate in Turkey are historical reasons dating back to 1927 AD during the period of the French mandate over Syria, when the Ottoman authorities seized Hatay, and the French response at that time was the confiscation of all Turkish properties in Syria and preventing them from owning in it.

But there are those who ask (As for how a Syrian can buy a property in Turkey)? His need for this matter has become great, especially in light of the recent circumstances in the Syrian state, which prompted him to reside in it.

Certainly there is a way, which is if they obtain Turkish citizenship or the property can be registered in the name of a company established in Turkey, In this regard, it must be noted that Turkey is expected to lift the ban on them in the future with the increase in their numbers and in view of the great benefit that will be reflected on its real estate sector through them.


Why was Armenian citizenship denied?

The Turkish state prevents Armenians from owning property in Turkey due to the wars and conflicts between the two countries, and Turkey is not expected to lift the ban on them in the future.

As for the reasons that prevent a person with Greek Cypriot citizenship from owning real estate in Turkey, they are old and historical disputes, but their impact is still significant today.

Cuban and North Korean dual nationals have been prevented from owning property due to sanctions imposed by the international community and Turkey has been forced to abide by them.

What can be mentioned in this regard is that Turkish laws are flexible and subject to modification, and perhaps in the coming period this ban will be repealed. In addition, those who hold Turkish citizenship can buy real estate like any Turkish citizen, and as it is known, that citizenship can be obtained in different ways. Such as (financial investment - marriage - bank deposit).


Nationalities that can buy real estate in Turkey under specific conditions:

There are some nationalities that can own property in Turkey, but under special conditions. In the following paragraph, we will inform you about them in full.

1 - Those who hold Iranian citizenship:

- He should not be among the persons banned by the United Nations.

- He must obtain approval from the Ministry of the Interior.

- They can buy land suitable for construction - residential real estate - real estate suitable for - work.

2 - Holders of Russian citizenship:

- Russians cannot buy real estate located within the Black Sea coast.

- They have to obtain approval from the Ministry of Interior.

3 - Those who hold Ukrainian citizenship:

- Also, they do not have the right to own property in the areas of the Black Sea coasts.

- Obtaining approval from the Ministry of Interior.

As for those who hold Jordanian citizenship and wish to own property in Turkey, they are not entitled to buy more than two suitable properties for housing and one for work. With regard to holders of Iraqi and Tunisian citizenships, they can buy land for construction, a property for housing, and one for work.


What are the conditions for foreign ownership in Turkey?

If you are interested in knowing some of the main details about buying real estate in Turkey, one of the first pieces of information that you should know is (the limits of foreign ownership), can he buy everything that suits him? Is there a specific area that must be adhered to?

First of all, a foreigner cannot buy a property located in a security or military area, and after he has chosen the right property for him, he must obtain approval from the armed forces in Turkey.

The area of ​​real estate owned by a foreigner in Turkey cannot exceed thirty hectares, and he will also not be able to buy a property in an area where foreign property has reached more than 10% of its total area.


Reasons for a foreigner to buy real estate in Turkey:

Have you asked yourself a question (Why do foreigners and investors from different countries of the world prefer to own property in Turkey over other countries around the world)?

The countries of the European Union, despite their modernity, development and distinction of their real estate aspect, what makes some people refuse to own property in them? Through the following paragraph, we will present the most important and most prominent advantages of owning in Turkey.

- Obtaining real estate residency.

- Acquisition of Turkish citizenship for two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.

- Obtaining a Turkish passport, which is one of the most important and powerful passports in the world.

- Ease of procedures for buying real estate in Turkey.

- Turkey's unique geographical location in the middle of three continents.

- Real estate prices in Turkey are low and moderate compared to other countries.

- Living costs in Turkey are reasonable.

- The Turkish government provides a lot of support and facilities.

- A high-class tourist environment, in which all the elements of tourism are available.

- A great opportunity for real estate investment in light of economic recovery and political stability.

- Great real estate diversity that suits all opinions and differences.

- Low real estate taxes.

- Exemption from value added tax.

- The presence of guarantees that make the buyer feel safe and protected, such as the real estate valuation document.


We have provided you with important information about the nationalities that are prohibited from owning property in Turkey. You can visit our website and our social media platforms to stay informed of everything related to the Turkish real estate sector.


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