Personal Status Department in Turkey


Personal Status Department in Turkey

The role of Personal Status Department in Turkey in completing transactions and extracting documents

If you have chosen to live in Turkey, you must know all the details, information, rules and laws that relate to this country and so that you can have an easy and orderly life without any obstacles or unpleasant negative details. 

Personal Status Department is one of the most important places that you can search around and learn about the most important details associated with it, as you will inevitably need it. Do not look far. Through the following article, we will provide you with the most important details and information related to the Personal Status Department in Turkey, and we will highlight the most important details that are accomplished in it. 


What is the Personal Status Department in Turkey?   

First of all, we must point out that the Personal Status Department in Turkey is an institution of great importance in the country as one of the most important tasks it accomplishes is documenting the civil registry of Turkish citizens. Moreover, the services it provides are not limited to local residents only, but also include foreigners. It is worth noting that the Personal Status Department is able to extract all the family and personal documents of those who reside on its land. The Turkish government relies on it to know all the statistics related to the population, i.e. the numbers of deaths and births, their place of residence and many other details. Personal Status Department in Turkey is and their way to see the conditions of foreigners.

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What are the most prominent things that are implemented in the Personal Status Department in Turkey? 

If you are in Turkey, there are many details that will need to be completed through the Personal Status Department, the most prominent of which are:  

1 - Registering a newborn: 

Through the Personal Status Department in Turkey, a birth certificate can be obtained for a newly born person, and it is available for all possibilities, whether the child is born to a Turkish or foreign father or mother, or one of them is a foreigner and the other is Turkish, but in all cases the newborn takes the nickname of his father. 

For the newborn, to obtain a document proving his birth on a specific day and date is one of his rights. It is worth noting that the newborn must be registered within one month after its birth, not more than that. 

You may be wondering what if one of the parents of the newborn has Turkish citizenship, but they are outside Turkey? Will he be granted citizenship or not? He will certainly be granted citizenship, however, the parents should inform the responsible authority at the Turkish consulate, and it should not be delayed for more than two months after the birth. 

The Personal Status Department in Turkey takes into account the birth notice issued by the hospital in which the birth took place, but the birth may take place outside official hospitals or without the care of specialized doctors, so what is the solution? If a child is born in this condition, only the oral document is sufficient. 


2- Registration of deaths: 

Upon the death of any person residing in Turkey, this matter must be documented by the Personal Status Department in Turkey after obtaining a death certificate from the hospital or health center in which the death took place, and it must be extracted within a short period of maximum ten days. But the death may take place outside an official institution, so what is the solution? If the death was outside the official institutions, the death certificate is issued by the municipality. And you should know that registering deaths is one of the important matters that must be adhered to, and failure to do so means exposure to a violation and punishment. 


3- Recording divorce transactions:  

Divorce transactions take place in the courts, but documentation of the matter is done in the Personal Status Department, but the divorce is considered valid since the court acknowledges it. It is important to note that according to the Turkish constitution, both spouses are prohibited from remarrying before 300 days have passed since the date of divorce. In the event that they wish to return as a married couple again before the expiry of the mentioned period, they are entitled to do so and conclude a new marriage in court.


4- Registration of marriage contract:  

The marriage contract must be registered in the Personal Status Department in Turkey after the marriage was concluded in the municipality, or if the marriage contract was concluded outside Turkey, the contract is registered in the Personal Status Department after it has been translated into Turkish. The marriage contract in Turkey is civil, and contracts that were organized by the sheikh or that took place in the church are not taken into consideration unless they are registered with the Personal Status Department in Turkey. 


5- Fixing the residential address: 

One of the most important things that the Personal Status Department in Turkey needs when you want to fix your current residence address is by bringing the rental contract with the residence under which you reside in Turkey, and this step must be done by Turks and foreigners residing in Turkey. 


6- To obtain a Turkish passport or personal identity: 

This is for all Turks or even foreigners who have obtained Turkish citizenship, where they can obtain a personal identity or Turkish passport. They will only have to go to the Personal Status Department in Turkey so that these documents or cards issued by government institutions are recognized. 

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What is the importance of extracting documents, papers and documents from the Personal Status Department in Turkey? 

The first benefit that results from your reliance on the Personal Status Department in Turkey to document your personal documents is to prove your identity in that country. It is unreasonable to live without documenting your private data that indicates your identity and personality, especially since the official authorities depend on the Personal Status Department in Turkey for its reports and statistics that it organizes. 

We must point out that foreigners have to update any change in their lives in Turkey, which is only one of the means of societal organization and a step towards the advancement of civilization and the state. 

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