Properties for sale in Ispartakule


Properties for sale in Ispartakule

Types of real estate in Ispartakula

Do you think that searching for real estate for sale in Ispartakule is one of the best options? It is one of the most important areas in Istanbul, and despite its distinction, it was not highlighted as much as other areas of the city. This is what prompted Skyline Real Estate to present a report on it.
The importance of this area, the dimensions of real estate ownership in it, and many other information and details that you can find in this article.


Real estate for sale in Ispartakule – important details:

Through the following paragraph, you can learn about the importance of searching for real estate for sale in Ispartakule in detail so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not.
1 - It is one of the most important residential areas in this city, specifically in the European side.
2 - Very close to the Bahcesehir area and the Century Project (New Istanbul Water Canal).
3 - A metro station will soon be opened inside it, and therefore transportation from it and to another place in the city will be very easy.
4 - If you are in Ispartakule, you will quickly reach the TEM highway by means of the bridge that connects them.
5 - The purchase of real estate in it is a unique opportunity for those who wish to live directly on the sea (overlooking the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake).
6 - Are you looking for a quiet life surrounded by peace and away from traffic congestion? So Ispartakula is one of the best choices ever because it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
7 - One of the most important pieces of information that should be mentioned about it is that it is a modern area with approximately (6000) properties.
8 - It extends over an area of ​​60 thousand square meters on which residential complexes and real estate projects were built, and more than five hundred thousand square meters are green spaces.
If you choose to search for real estate for sale in Ispartakule, your chance is to get a great view, as it will be either on the sea or on the green spaces.


Advantages of real estate in Ispartakule:

- The properties are built in a modern style (residential complexes).
- The buildings are high, each with a height of between 8 and 15 floors, and sometimes it is more than that.
- You will find a wide variety in its properties in terms of specifications, decorations, distribution of rooms and interior specifications.
- This diversity has helped to be a haven for those looking for real estate and apartments for sale because it suits all tastes.
- The apartments are sound and heat insulated, and all of them have large balconies and windows.


The importance of real estate investment in Ispartakule:

Are you wondering about the feasibility of searching for real estate for sale in Ispartakule for real estate investment? Find out below the most prominent and important details related to this region that will help you in making the decision to invest your money in it.
- Life in this area is completely safe and all its details help to have a high-end life.
- At the entrance to the area, you will find a huge and important shopping center that gave it a lively character and helped meet the needs of the residents (contains the most famous international brands - restaurants - cinema - places for children's play).
- Did you know that its proximity to the new Istanbul Canal gave it a high investment value?
- It embraces the most important major real estate projects that have attracted the attention of investors and everyone who wants to invest in real estate in Istanbul.


Take a look at real estate prices in Ispartakule:

If you want to search for real estate for sale in Ispartakule, take a look at the real estate prices, are they high or appropriate? Based on the prices, he will decide if it is suitable for you.

Average price per square meter within a residential complex

The average price of an apartment of 100 square meters

Ranging from 9500 to 15000 TL

Ranging from one million to one million and 400 thousand Turkish liras

But if you are wondering about the prices of villas in this area, the price of a villa with an area of ​​three hundred square meters ranges from 3 million to 5 million Turkish liras.
In this regard, we must point out that real estate prices in that region during the past three years have increased by 221%. In addition to all of the above, real estate prices are likely to increase in the coming period due to the urban development it is witnessing and the increased demand for its properties.


Important information about Ispartakule:

Whether you want to search for real estate for sale in Ispartakule for investment or for housing, this information will be very important to you, so we made sure to collect it for you in the next paragraph.
- You should know that this area is administratively subordinate to Avcilar District.
- It is like a green spot in the city of Istanbul, as we mentioned above, where the green spaces extend greatly.
- Close to the most important hospitals and medical centers in Istanbul.
- It is also close to the most prominent schools, universities and educational institutions such as (Al-Ihsan International Schools that depend on the American curriculum - Al-Fatih schools that depend on the Arabic language - many Turkish schools - Al-Aqsa International Schools that are located in the Basaksehir area and which depend on the American curriculum).
- It has a capacity to contain one million people.

In the context of our talk about real estate in Ispartakule, you must be wondering about the possibility of finding real estate for sale easily in it. Is there an abundance of offers for sale?
Construction companies turn to it in order to build their luxury projects in it, and therefore it is easy to find the right apartment or property for you, and do not forget that if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, there are many offers compatible with the conditions for obtaining it.


Ispartakule location in Istanbul:

You certainly know that a distinguished geographical location is essential when you want to buy a property in Istanbul or anywhere else in the world, especially if you want to invest in real estate because the strategic location adds a lot of importance to it.
We can say that all the typical characteristics of an important geographical location were found in Ispartakule, and the following is a detail in the matter:
- This area is only 1 km away from the E-5 motorway.
- Did you know that it is located directly on the highway north of Marmara. (This contributed to linking it with the Basaksehir region).
- Istanbul New Airport can be reached in just 25 minutes.

Finally, if you want to search for real estate for sale in Ispartakule or in other areas of Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact Skyline Real Estate to help you in the search journey and to provide you with all the tips and advice you need and interest you to know about real estate investment in Istanbul.
Fully trust that our extensive experience in the field of real estate in Turkey will be your key to reaching a profitable and safe real estate investment away from facing any risks..Skyline Real Estate is always with you.


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