Real estate prices in Turkey for the year 2021 take this way


Real estate prices in Turkey for the year 2021 take this way

With the start of the current year, Turkey witnessed a noticeable and clear rise in the prices of its real estate, and this indicates the improvement and recovery of the real estate sector. In order for you to be more informed in this regard, we chose to be with you in the most important and accurate details, in a comprehensive report on what real estate prices are in Turkey for the year 2021, and we will also mention an overview of real estate prices in some Turkish cities. 

The most important outlines related to real estate prices in Turkey for the current year: 

1- The increase in real estate prices is noticeable in major cities with a dynamic nature and continuous activity, such as Istanbul and the Turkish capital Ankara, and then Antalya and Bursa and then Izmir. 
2- It is important to realize that real estate prices in Turkey vary from a place to another, and they also differ according to the type of property. The apartments that are located within the residential complexes are more expensive than those located outside, with a large difference that may reach double. 
3- All Turkish cities record an annual increase in real estate prices, and this increase also varies from a state to another. 
4- The same applies to rents, as they have witnessed an increase in the current year, and the matter varies according to the site / location / specifications / area.

The most important reasons that led to the rise in real estate prices in Turkey 2021: 

1- This was expected due to the Corona crisis, because of which work stopped in many real estate projects, so there is no longer a proportionality between the demand and supply of real estate. 
2- Turkey's availability of remote real estate ownership through the Internet has also contributed to the rise in real estate prices, as demand has almost maintained its proportion in the face of a decline in offers. 
3- The overwhelming desire to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, which prompted many construction companies to construct real estate projects that match the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. 
4- Announcing the existence of many new development projects, which in turn have an impact on the real estate sector, as they contribute to the increase in the price of real estate. 
5- The active tourist movement that Turkey witnessed in the summer of 2021, the city of Antalya received in just 9 days half a million tourists, and Istanbul ranked first in receiving tourists. One of the most prominent of these projects is (the new Istanbul Water Canal), which according to real estate experts will have a significant impact on the real estate situation in the region.

There are fixed rules that lead to a rise in real estate prices in Turkey: 

1- The city in which the property is located: As we mentioned above, real estate prices vary according to the city. The real estate in Istanbul is different from the one in other cities. The location of the property within the city also has a role in determining its price, as it is located within an active vital area, and the price is high. 
2- The proximity of the property and its distance from the service centers: The more the property is located near the service centers, the higher its price will be, such as shopping centers and mega malls / medical centers / educational institutions and universities. 
3- The advantages of the property: By this we mean the view / the area / the number of rooms / the age of the property / the floor on which it is located / the quality of the cladding / the modernity of the interior design. 
After completing reading this article, it will become clear to us that real estate prices in Turkey for the current year 2021 are rising continuously, based on all the points mentioned above. Is buying real estate in Turkey in the event of a high price a right option? .... This is what we will discover in the following articles.


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