Several factors contributed to the increase in real estate sales in Turkey


Several factors contributed to the increase in real estate sales in Turkey

The increase in real estate sales in Turkey is a safety indicator and an explicit and clear evidence of the stability that characterizes Turkey, as well as a number of premises that contributed to this matter. Today, Turkey is witnessing a heavy foreign demand for its real estate market, so what is the reason for that? What is the role of the Turkish government in this increase? Many details related to this matter will be presented in the following article. 

-Many reasons contributed to the increase in real estate sales in Turkey.... Learn about them: 

1- A booming economy and stable conditions:

The economy is the pilar on which the fate of all the various sectors in the country is based. According to Bloomberg News Agency, the Turkish economy performed the second best among the G-20 countries. It was one of the main reasons that contributed to the increase in real estate sales in Turkey. 

2- The objective of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

According to the Turkish Statistics Authority, more than 24% of those who tend to buy real estate in Turkey aimed to obtain Turkish citizenship. As the property is the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship, it is only required that the price of the property be 250 thousand US dollars, and a pledge not to sell it before three years.

3- Affordable real estate:

This factor is one of the most motivating foreigners to own real estate in Turkey, as this comes in conjunction with quality and accuracy in adhering to international building standards, as it is decorated with the latest designs at all, both externally and internally, and it does not lack a distinctive view. Turkey is a serious competition in this regard for European countries, as real estate prices in Europe are almost unbearable. 

4- Encouraging the Turkish government to have foreign presence on its land:

The Turkish government has taken a positive stance on the side of everyone who wants to own real estate on its land and has provided them with many facilities. At first, it sought to make them in the safe area away from any possibility of being a victim of real estate fraud by forcing it to obtain a real estate appraisal document, the importance of which lies in highlighting the value of the real property. Among other things, it reduced the value of the property taxes imposed on them, and in many cases exempted them from them. We must also point out that it has reduced the procedures required for ownership, and this can be done within a few days. 
-This is one of the most Turkish cities that witnessed a rise in real estate sales: Istanbul has taken the lead, as it represents the ideal destination for many

who are looking for real estate for sale in Turkey, and its importance is represented in the following points: 

1- Istanbul is the most vibrant and active among other Turkish cities. 
2- It is also the largest in Turkey, and ranked second in the Middle East. 
3- Its position on the throne of the Asian and European continent gave it more importance. 
4- Istanbul is witnessing a remarkable tourism recovery and excellence, which made it a tourist destination preferred by many tourists around the world. In the first half of this year, it received 3 million tourists. 
5- Its infrastructure is well developed and advanced, and it receives great government attention. 
6- It is known for its real estate diversity, which drew the attention of investors to it. 

- Accurate statistics and details about real estate sales in Turkey: 

The Iranians came first, then the Iraqis, and the Russians ranked third. In the first five months of this year, 980,630 properties were sold. Istanbul recorded the sale of 124,596 properties / the Turkish capital Ankara 66,307 properties / Izmir 47,474 properties. The apartments were the best seller among all other types of real estate. 
The future of real estate in Turkey depends on a number of premises, and accordingly it witnessed a remarkable increase in its real estate sales.... This, indicates that it is the ideal and exemplary choice for anyone looking for real estate for sale where safety / stability / development.


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