The best area to live in Istanbul for families


The best area to live in Istanbul for families

The best districts in Istanbul for families and their features

In your opinion, what are the best suitable areas to live in Istanbul for families?

 With the great development witnessed by the city of Istanbul in various sectors of life, it has become one of the preferred destinations for housing and stability for many foreigners, especially Arabs.

Because of the importance of this topic, the editorial team at Skyline Real Estate has chosen to inform you of the most important areas suitable for the residence and stability of families, and we will also point out the most important reasons that motivate any foreigner to choose Istanbul over other cities.


Check out the best areas to live in Istanbul:

If you decide to move to live in Istanbul, you should know everything about it and aspects of life in it and the most prominent areas in which you can look for apartments for sale, through the following paragraph we will talk about the best areas suitable for families to live in.

But before we start talking, we must note a very important thing, which is that the city of Istanbul in general is a wonderful environment for housing thanks to the availability of all the elements of sophistication and modernity in it.

Accommodation in Basaksehir:

We chose to start with the latest and most prestigious areas in that city (Basaksehir), which was established in 2008 AD, but despite that it managed to make its name among the most important areas of the city.

Basaksehir is characterized as containing a lot of high-end residential complexes with a modern architectural style that suits everyone.

It was classified as one of the most suitable areas for families to live in, and Arabs chose it only for residency and investment, and there is an abundance of real estate offers available for sale due to construction companies heading to it to build their projects on its land.

Which supports your decision to live in it by providing private and government schools - universities - hospitals and health centers - entertainment places - parks - commercial centers - luxury malls (Mall of Istanbul).

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Should I live in Esenyurt Istanbul?

Certainly, you have heard of Esenyurt, which is located on the European side of the city. What do you think of it? Is it really suitable for families to live in?

If you are not a follower or interested in the real estate market in Istanbul, you will think that this area has not yet achieved its share of development and modernity, but the reality is otherwise, as the Turkish government has given it special care and worked to develop and modernize its infrastructure.

It is worth noting that its real estate is divided into two types, the first (modern residential complexes) and the second (popular old buildings) and is characterized by a high population density since the real estate prices in it are moderate compared to other areas.

What encourages you and your family to live in Esenyurt?

- It has schools - close to the city's most important universities.

- Surrounded by a transportation network that helps to move between regions easily.

- There are many Arabic restaurants.

- You will find sports clubs and cultural centers.

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Beylikduzu is the best choice for accommodation in Istanbul:

Are you one of those who dream of living in the face of the sea? Can your dream come true in light of the rise of this type of real estate?

In Istanbul, on its European side, specifically (Beylikduzu), which overlooks the Marmara Sea, you can find many distinguished real estate offers in the finest and most modern residential complexes built by the most important construction companies in Turkey.

You might think that life in that area is somewhat difficult because of its distance from the city center, which made it difficult to move around. Is this true?

This may have been true earlier, but today, with the great development that its transportation network has witnessed, and after the metro bus line passed, the problem has been resolved, and it is easy to reach the city center.

If you look closely at this area and its features, you will find that there is no need for you to leave it in order to secure supplies or meet needs, and the reason for this is the availability of shopping centers - the presence of schools - universities - parks - health centers, meaning that life in it is integrated.


Have you seen the Bahcesehir area?

If you are looking for a safe life, we advise you to choose Bahcesehir, which is administratively affiliated to Basaksehir (it is called the city of gardens due to the vast green spaces in it and the presence of many gardens).

Specifically suited for those who like to live quietly away from the noise and hustle of the city and is famous for its high-end residential complexes equipped with full service and recreational facilities that ensure you meet your requirements.

There are many commercial centers - markets - bazaars in the region and based on all this information attracted foreigners and Arabs to it.

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What are your reasons to live in Istanbul?

Your decision to settle in Istanbul is not in vain, but is based on what you have found of the positives and advantages that you will obtain, and below we will talk about them briefly.

1 - In this city, there are all means of a well-developed life that suits everyone.

2 - Real estate can be purchased easily thanks to the many facilities that the Turkish government is keen to provide.

3 - You can apply for real estate residency after purchasing the property.

4 - If the value of your property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more, you can obtain Turkish citizenship.

5 - Real estate prices in this city are low compared to prices in other cities of similar importance.

6 - There is a large and wide variety of real estate to suit different budgets and tastes.

7 - It contains many schools and universities that have won an advanced international rank.

8 - It witnessed a great renaissance in its health sector, and recently many hospitals and health centers were built, such as (Basaksehir Medical City).


Why do Arabs choose to live in Istanbul?

We have already mentioned that the Arabs consider Turkey as their first destination, undisputedly, so what are the motives that made them choose it over other countries of the world?

- Common Islamic religion.

- Similar customs and traditions.

- Low cost of living.

- Economic and political stability in light of the collapse and deteriorating waste their country is witnessing.

- A conservative environment closer to the eastern than the western.

- Sophisticated infrastructure.

- A safe, stable and comfortable life.

- Ease of integration with Turkish society.

- The geographical location of the Turkish state near the Arab world.

- Acceptable property prices are in contrast to prices in Europe.

Some may think that there are some difficulties that they will find in communicating with the people of Turkish society because of the different aspects of life and also because of the Turks’ adherence to their language, but it is easy to overcome the problem of the language as it can be learned in a short period (it is enough for you to learn it in only six months).

Also, many of them think of hitting two goals at the same time: to live in an ideal place and build a profitable real estate investment. According to some studies conducted on this subject, Turkey is among the first ten countries in the world that are important to buying real estate.


Important notes when choosing to buy an apartment for families in Istanbul:

- It is preferable that there are schools - universities - health centers near them.

- It should be close to public transportation.

- Choose a property close to entertainment venues - malls - parks - cinemas - theaters.

- The area of ​​the apartment is chosen according to the number of family members, but it must provide them with privacy and comfort.

- If a family member has a health problem that prevents him from climbing the stairs, you should choose the first floor.


If you want to live in Istanbul and are confused about how to buy the right property, you can tell our real estate and advisory team your desires in order to provide you with the required assistance.

It is our pleasure at Skyline Real Estate to help you secure the life you desire and know that the first step to reach it is to choose the right property .. Contact us without hesitation to accompany you.



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