The importance of real estate investment in the ancient neighborhoods of Istanbul


The importance of real estate investment in the ancient neighborhoods of Istanbul

Real estate investment in Istanbul is the agreed upon choice among all those looking for a successful and distinguished investment. Their choice of it did not stem from nothing, but was based on the many advantages and components it possesses. One of what makes it the ideal destination is that it has a group of luxurious and ancient neighborhoods that are preferred by many investors around the world. If you want to get to know these neighborhoods accurately and see their most important advantages, you should read the following article, which will deal with this matter with great accuracy.

Florya area: 

-  This area is considered one of the high-end and distinguished areas in Istanbul, and based on all its components, it is a tourist destination that tourists do not hesitate to choose. 
-  Florya contains a distinctive aquarium, it is suitable for lovers of learning about the world of the seas and diving in its depths, and it also contains a variety of luxury shops that display the most important international goods, in addition to the fact that it includes the famous Florya Mall. 
-  Florya is known for its distinctive beaches with clean water, its wonderful garden, and it also includes many restaurants and cafes. 
- It is considered one of the areas in which
real estate investment will be significant and accompanied by the expected results.

Nisantasi Tashi: 

- This neighborhood was known in the past as a safe haven for the rich and the upper class, and this rule is still in effect to this day, so we see that most of its residents are wealthy, because the prices of its real estate are somewhat high. 
-  What distinguishes it most is that it has a close connection with history and at the same time keeps pace with modernity and excellence, and its properties and apartments are known as very luxurious. 
- It contains many distinctive shops and high-end fashion houses, and based on this, it has become a destination for shopaholics and those looking for international brands. 
- It also includes many wonderful restaurants and cafes, in addition to the fact that Nisantasi is a vital feature of activity, and it has won many international awards. 
- Many investors around the world prefer real estate investment because of their confidence in the results they will get.


- With its distinctive view of the Bosphorus and its location in the European section of Istanbul, it formed an investment spot for many investors looking for excellence. 
- Besiktas neighborhood contains many tourist places and historical monuments, such as Dolmabahce Palace, Khair al-Din Port, Barbaros Pasha, and Sinan Pasha Mosque. 
- There is a spread of fine restaurants in it, and it is famous for the Maritime Museum as well. 
-  It has a wide service package, and its properties are suitable for all tastes and aspirations.


- It is one of the neighborhoods that is famous for its richness in archaeological and tourist attractions, such as the Cirgan Palace and Ortakoy Mosque. It also contains many luxury hotels, and this made it a destination for tourists to stay in. 
- It contains many distinctive shops that display antiques and souvenirs, as well as the distinctive Ortakoy Bazaar. 
- Real estate investment in it is a good idea, as based on all its components, the returns will be high.


- It is the first destination for the Arabs and the safe haven for a distinguished real estate investment. 
-    This area is characterized by its advanced and distinctive infrastructure, as well as a strategic geographical location, as it is close to the new Istanbul Airport. 
- There are many modern real estate projects in it, and this contributes to attracting investors to it. It also contains the most important development project recently established, (Başakşehir Medical City), which contains the most important specialties and is equipped with the best technologies.


- It is the new and modern facade that Istanbul is proud of, as its properties are very distinguished and luxurious, in which residential complexes are abundant, the character that dominates the area is calmness. 
-  It is famous for its diverse service package, which makes life in it unique. Moreover, the prices of its properties are relatively cheap, but it is expected to witness an increase in the coming days due to the large demand around it. 
The city of Istanbul is rich with its luxurious and distinctive areas, and what was mentioned is only a summary of the most important of them, and there is more to tell.
* It is important to note that the European side of Istanbul is more luxurious and sophisticated than the Asian side, and the investment returns it offers are greater.



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