The metro in Istanbul


The metro in Istanbul

The metro in Istanbul, its types, and its most important features

The metro in Istanbul is one of the most important lines of transportation and public transport in this city, which combined with other means, which was an important remedy for the crisis of overpopulation in the city.
The most famous metro lines in Istanbul - its impact on the real estate sector and a lot of other information related to it we present to you through this article.


Important information about the metro in Istanbul:

There are many studies and plans that are being developed by the Istanbul Municipality and the Ministry of Railways in order to increase the number of metro lines in the city. The results are clear to us, as in recent years many of them have been opened and implemented, and some of them are expected to open in the near future.
- Istanbul has 7 main lines + Marmaray metro line.
- 104 stations are in service and 64 lines are under construction.
- Work was done on the construction of the metro in that city on September 3, 1989.
- Every day, more than one and a half million people ride it.


The most important metro lines in Istanbul:

Through the following paragraphs, you can get acquainted with the most important metro lines in Istanbul in terms of the year of establishment, length, places you reach, and other information.


Altunizade - Camlıca Metro Line:

- It is considered one of the most important metro lines in the city.
- It was announced in 2016.
- It connects Altunizade and the Camlıca region.
- Its length is about 3.5 km.
- On each flight it accommodates 8 thousand passengers.
- The trip through it takes only 12 minutes.
- It intersects with the metro line in the Uskudar area.


Sabiha-Kurtkoy Airport metro line:

- Connecting Kurtkoy district with Sabiha International Airport.
- It is 6 km long.
- It has a capacity of seventy thousand passengers per flight.
- The journey takes about 8.5 minutes.
- It has a coastline.


Sultangazi - Arnavutkoy Metro Line:

- One of the most famous metro lines in Istanbul.
- It was announced in 2016.
- It is about 15 kilometers long.
- On each flight, it has a capacity to carry 45,000 passengers.
- The journey through it takes about 16 minutes.
- It has an intersection with the tram line in the Topkapi area.
- It also intersects with Gayrettepe - Istanbul Airport.


Metro and Luzneciler - Sultangazi Line:

- The plan for the construction of this line was laid in 2014.
- It passes through the area of ​​Fatih, Sultan Ayub and Gaziosmanpasa.
- Record length of 17.35 km.
- It accommodates 45,000 passengers per flight.
- The journey takes 26.5 minutes.
- It intersects with several metro lines and with the metrobus.


The new metro line in Esenyurt - Istanbul:

Among the solutions devised by the Turkish government in order to control the population density in the city of Istanbul is to develop transportation lines so that movement between regions is easy without the need to spend a lot of effort, time and money.
One of the latest metro lines projects in Istanbul that are being built in the current period is in the Esenyurt area, which is located on the side on the European side of the city, which will provide many services to the residents of Istanbul in general and to the residents of the region in particular, as they can easily access many areas.
What you do not know is that this line has a significant impact on real estate in this region, as it has contributed to a significant increase in real estate prices, and when completed, it is expected to record further rise, and this is an invitation to all those interested in the real estate investment sector in Istanbul to go to Esenyurt urgently, because The opportunity is still available in order to achieve an important equation (buying when prices are low and selling when prices are high).


Istanbul Airport Metro Line - Gayrettepe:

The first goal that Turkey seeks to achieve from this metro is to connect the airport with the city center in order to provide a safe and fast transportation for travelers. It is important to note that it will be integrated with the rest of the other metro lines in the city.

This metro line has a length of more than 37 kilometers and the journey through it will take no more than 25 minutes.


Istanbul Airport Metro Line - Halkali:

This is the second line that will connect the new airport in the city center, with a length of about 31.5 km and a journey time of only 30 minutes, and it is scheduled to be in service at the end of 2022 AD.
According to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, work is in full swing in order to complete this important project, which will secure the welfare of all who reside in that city, a service that will benefit future generations.

In the context of talking about the metro lines in Istanbul, it must be noted that one of the most prominent plans that the Turkish government decides to implement is to extend the Silivri area, which is located on the European side (it is a rural area) with the Metrobus line in order to make transportation from it easy.

The impact of the metro on the real estate sector in Istanbul:

One of the most important factors that contributed to the rise in real estate prices in Istanbul is the advanced and modern transportation network. If the project or residential complex is close to one of the metro lines, metrobus, tramway, internal buses or cable cars, the prices of the apartments in it are higher than which are far from it, be completely confident that it is constantly increasing.
One of the important tips that we provide customers with is to take advantage of the opportunity and buy an apartment in an area close to the metro, whether its construction work has been completed or is still under construction. In both cases, the price will double within a few years.


Istanbul Metro - Important Details:

What you should know that the metro in Istanbul is only a small part of the advanced and modern infrastructure that the Turkish government is constantly developing and improving If you look closely, you will see that this city has the most important infrastructure projects at all, such as (the new airport - the new water canal - Sabiha Gokcen International Airport) and others.

The metro is one of the most modern means of transportation in Istanbul and Turkey, and it is a very huge achievement, one of the most important tasks that it has performed, linking the European side with the Asian side.
It should be noted that the metro in this city gave it a lot of liveliness, activity and dynamism, and add to your information that the cost of transportation through it is not exorbitant.
One of the most prominent advantages of the metro is that it allows residents or passengers to move between the two banks of the Bosphorus without passing a ferry, and this is within only eight minutes.

The editorial team of Skyline Real Estate provided you with important and accurate information about the metro in Istanbul. We hope that you have formed a clear picture on this subject.
All about infrastructure projects in Istanbul, you can find the latest news about it by constantly visiting our website because we monitor everything new for you.


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