The most famous historical places in Istanbul


The most famous historical places in Istanbul

Diversity of historical places in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul, the tourist destination on which opinions are agreed upon, due to its distinct historical and archaeological sites and landmarks, receives millions of tourists every year.
In this article, you can learn about the most important and famous historical places in Istanbul and see their most prominent advantages.


Check out the most famous historical places in Istanbul:

When we talk about the historical places in this city, you should know that we mean palaces, mosques, museums, castles, forts and others. In the following paragraphs we will talk about each of them in detail.

The most important historical palaces:

Learn about the most important palaces in Istanbul and their features.

- Topkapi Palace:

- 1 - It is located on the European side in Istanbul and has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus.
- 2 - The outer courtyard of this palace is wide and was used for celebrations in the Ottoman era.
- 3- More than 28 million visitors visit it every year. Its advantages and details drew the attention of tourists and foreigners from everywhere to it.
- 4 - Its historical importance is great, as the sultans of the Ottoman Empire took it as their place of residence for more than four hundred years and as the headquarters for managing the affairs of the country.
- 5 - It contains many of the belongings of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and also contains the swords of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs.
- 6 - Topkapi Museum includes many antiquities belonging to the Roman and Byzantine period.


- Dolmabahce Palace:

- 1 - Also called (Sultans' Palace), it is one of the most important and famous historical places in Istanbul.
- 2 - It consists of more than 280 rooms and 6 bathrooms, as well as contains about 43 halls, many of which were designated as a council for the sultans and their families.
- 3 - Some of its halls were designated for parties, and the Great Hall is distinguished by its luxurious furniture and its floor covered with carpets interspersed with gold threads.
- 4 - On the walls of the palace, you will find many paintings created by the most famous artists, as well as containing masterpieces of high value that were brought from different countries in the world such as France - Germany.
- 5 - Fully trust that your trip in this palace will not end before three hours have passed, during which you can learn about all the details and parts of the palace and its rooms, and do not forget to visit the room of Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.


- Yildiz Palace:

- 1 - When we talk about this palace, we are talking about the most important palaces of the Ottoman Empire and the last witness to its civilization. Earlier, important figures who came to visit Turkey were hosted.
- 2 - This palace is distinguished by its large areas and architectural sophistication. It contains a large number of rooms and halls.
- 3 - He drew the attention of tourists due to his wonderful architectural style and luxurious furnishings. It is a mixture between the Turkish model and European modernity.
- 4 - The palace is surrounded by wide green spaces and gardens full of roses, flowers and various trees that you can watch and enjoy their beauty.
- 5 - Through his visit, you will learn about a different civilization and culture, which you have to enjoy in all its parts and details.
- 6 - It opens its doors on a daily basis to visitors from nine in the morning until seven in the evening.


- Ciragan Palace:

- 1 -The name of this palace in Arabic means pillars of light. It is characterized by a beautiful garden that surrounds it on all sides, as well as its white walls.
- 2 - This palace was completed in 1871 and overlooks the Bosphorus.
- 3 - It consists of many furnished rooms and suites with elegant and distinctive furniture, plated with gold and mother of pearl.
- 4 - It is considered a venue for holding many important meetings.

Istanbul city museums:

Through the following paragraph, you can take a look at the most prominent museums of the ancient or historical city of Istanbul.


Hagia Sophia Museum:

- This museum is not only the most important place in Turkey, but has gained international fame as a result of the stages it has gone through and the transformations it has witnessed and its recent stability to be a mosque.
- It is located in one of the most important areas of Istanbul (Sultanahmet) opposite the Blue Mosque and directly on the Bosphorus.
- Every year it receives thousands of visitors from different nationalities in the world.
- It is a mixture of Islamic and Christian cultures.
- Featuring many antiques and marble artifacts, you can take pictures of everything around you so that they remain in the dictionary of your memories.

Archaeological Museum:

- It is one of the most important museums in the Turkish city of Istanbul, did you know that it contains more than one million rare artifacts.
- Each part of this museum indicates a particular civilization because each of them belongs to a different time period than the other.
- When you visit it, you will find sculptures dating back to the Roman era and coins.
- It includes antiquities belonging to the Iraqi state, Arab Egypt and Greece.
- It contains artifacts belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.


Islamic museum:

- It should be noted that this museum contains a large number of manuscripts, which numbered more than 15 thousand manuscripts.
- It is located in Sultanahmet and has been able to attract many tourists who come to Turkey.
- It contains many ancient Islamic artifacts.
- Nearby are restaurants and cafes where diners can have drinks and take a break.


Kariye Museum:

- Did you know that this museum was earlier a Byzantine church, which is a living example of the fine architecture that was prevalent in that period.
- This museum consists of three sections:
First: the entrance hall.
Two: the main hall.
Third: The place designated for prayer.
- You will find a large number of mosaic panels that tell tales of Byzantine culture.
- If you visit it, enjoy all its details and visit the restaurants near it and get a meal from the Turkish cuisine.


The most prominent mosques in Istanbul:

Mosques are among the historical monuments that many tourists visit. Here are the most prominent ones:

Sultan Eyup Mosque:

- This is one of the most important mosques of the Ottoman Empire. It is located in the Sultan Eyup district on the European side of the city.
- In the outer courtyard of the mosque is the tomb of the great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari.
- This is the first mosque built after the conquest of Constantinople and that was in 1458.
- It contains some of the belongings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.


Sultan Ahmet mosque:

- It is also called the Blue Mosque and is located in the Sultanahmet district in the center of Istanbul.
- It is distinguished by its distinctive architectural style, and it should be noted that it is one of the largest mosques in the city in terms of area.
- Did you know that it is a mixture between the art that was widespread in the Byzantine era and the Ottoman era at the same time?
- It has a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea, as well as its spacious patio.
- It has more than 200 windows and the interior walls are decorated with blue and ornate Iznik tiles.


Suleymaniye Mosque:

- This mosque was built by the famous architect Sinan Pasa during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.
- It bears the name of the Ottoman Sultan who ordered its construction and is located near the Bosphorus.
- It was built by a special road that reflects the echo of the sounds inside, and this indicates the skill of the engineer Sinan Pasa, who made a lot of effort and time to make the mosque in the current form that characterizes it today.
- It has four minarets, which have ten balconies intended to indicate the rank of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent among the sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

Rustem Pasha Mosque:

- This mosque is located in the Eminonu district, which is administratively affiliated to the Al-Fateh district, and it is close to the Suleymaniye Mosque.
- Its qualities intersect with many other mosques of Istanbul.
- Architectural simplicity is evident from the outside, but the interior is characterized by various decorations.
- It was built by order of the daughter-in-law of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (Mahramah).

Castles and forts in Istanbul:

Among the tourist attractions that usually attract tourists are castles and towers because they are an integral part of the history, civilization and past of this city. Here are the most important ones:

Galata Tower:

- If you are visiting the city of Istanbul, the Galata Tower will invite you to visit it to see the city of Istanbul from the top in a fairy and magical scene.
- It is one of the most important towers in Istanbul, characterized by its great height, and it should be noted that it belongs to the Middle Ages.
- Many stories and novels were woven around him that you can read. It consists of nine floors. You can go up to the previous floor by elevator, but later you have to go up the stairs.
- There is a special department to supervise it, which regulates the entry of tourists from different countries of the world.


Rumeli Fortress:

- It is one of the most important and famous castles in Istanbul and is a real miracle, as it was built with such professionalism in just four months.
- When you visit this castle, you will learn about the ancient history of this city dating back to the fifteenth century.
- This castle was established by order of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.
- You have to climb to the top of the castle to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of the city and the sea.
We accompanied you in this article in which we presented you with the most important historical places in Istanbul that you must visit when you are in this city. In Istanbul, you are on a date with history to have a look at it and what this city witnessed during the previous eras and periods of time.


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