The ten most famous malls in Istanbul


The ten most famous malls in Istanbul

Many options in the famous Istanbul malls

Skyline Real Estate will take you on an interesting tour through this article to visit the 10 most important malls in Istanbul.
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Check out the ten most famous malls in Istanbul:

Markets and malls are among the most important destinations of interest to locals, tourists and all arrivals to Istanbul, as it is not a place for shopping and meeting needs only, as it offers you a great deal of entertainment and fun.
Through the following paragraphs, you will be able to see the most important ones:

1 - Venezia Mall:

- Everyone who visited this mall admired it without exaggerating it, as its architectural design is amazing.
It is constantly visited by both locals and tourists and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul.
- When you visit it, you will only feel that you are in Venice, Italy, as it is designed in a very similar way. You will find bridges over the water channels.
- You can take a tour on board the boats that go through the water canals to get a unique and distinct experience.
- This mall is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the Gaziosmanpasa area.
- The shops in this mall vary and are suitable for everyone and you will find the most important international brands in it.


2 - Mall of Istanbul:

- When we talk about this mall, we are talking about the most important malls in Istanbul without a doubt. It is characterized by its spacious area.
- Although it is a newcomer, it managed to achieve great fame and distinction.
- You have to know that you need more than a day to finish walking around and getting to know him.
- It includes more than 350 shops and many brands that have attracted tourists to it continuously.
- Add to your information that your visit to this mall is not limited to shopping only because you will get a great deal of luxury and fun.
- Many exhibitions and festivals are held in this mall on a continuous basis that present different types of arts and cultures, where you will find one of them displaying wonderful paintings, another artifacts, a third jewelry, and others.
- There is the Mall of Istanbul in the Basaksehir area (The European side of Istanbul), which is one of the most important areas of this city and is a destination for everyone who comes to Istanbul.
- It provides its patrons with many important services such as first aid, toilets, free and paid parking, and an ATM.


3 - Istanbul Valley Mall:

- This mall was opened in 2017 and is considered one of the most important modern malls.
- It is a place for shopping, entertainment and housing at the same time. It contains more than 270 stores with a variety of clothes suitable for all family members.
- There are some important restaurants that serve delicious food and meals in Istanbul Valley Mall.
- It has a children's playroom so they can have a great time while their parents wander between the shops.
- Overlooking the Belgrade forests, and when you enter the mall, you will find a lake with several eye-catching fountains and give the place a special and distinctive character.


4 - Cevahir Mall (Mall of Arabia):

- You can find this mall in the European side of Istanbul in the Sisli area, which is one of the best malls in Istanbul and has been awarded the title of Mall of Arabia due to the large number of visitors to it.
- If you are wondering about the most prominent features that you will find in it, it is the huge clock that was installed in the glass ceiling of the mall.
- The number of shops in it is about three hundred different shops, also there are 3 cinemas and near it there are many hotels.
- This mall was opened in 2005 AD and has gained a lot of fame and is among the most important malls in Europe.
- You will find in it the finest and most important restaurants that serve delicious international meals. All restaurants in this mall are designed according to a modern and elegant design.


5 - Kanyon Mall:

- It is located in the Levent area on the European side of the city, and it is one of the modern and modern malls that you will encounter.
- Its area is about 37 thousand square meters, and the number of its stores has reached one hundred and sixty.
- It is distinguished both indoors and outdoors, giving you a chance to have a good time and a lot of luxury.
- It includes children's play areas - parking lots - cinemas.


6 - Aqua Florya Mall:

- This mall was opened in 2012 to visitors and extends over an area of ​​fifty thousand square meters.
- It is one of the destinations that Turks and Arabs choose in Istanbul to have a great shopping experience.
- It includes about 145 high-end stores. Add to your information that you will find the most important international brands.
- It consists of a ground floor and three other floors above it, as well as two underground floors.
- There are restaurants and cafes in it, as well as cinemas. As for the floors that are located underground, they have been allocated to be compatible with cars.
- The shops in this mall are as diverse as in other malls, where you can find everything you need from clothes, shoes and accessories.
- While you are enjoying a tour between the shops, your children can have fun and play in the place designated for them.
- When you visit this mall, do not forget that you must visit the bowling alley and also visit the nearby Istanbul Aquarium to get to know the fish and various marine creatures closely. It is the right place that your children prefer.


7 - Marmara Park Mall:

- It is considered one of the most important and largest malls in Istanbul. It consists of four floors and includes about two hundred and fifty stores.
- If you are a fan of fashion and keep up with it, you can go to Marmara Park to get fashion belonging to the most famous international brands.
- It contains many restaurants that offer delicious meals, as well as cinemas for those who love watching the latest international films.


8 - Galleria Mall Istanbul:

- This mall is located in the Atakoy district of European Istanbul, which is administratively affiliated to the Bakirkoy district.
- Did you know that it is a copy similar to the Galleria International Mall, which is located in the US state of Texas.
- Its area is about 78 thousand square meters, and the number of its stores has reached one hundred and thirty.
- If you choose to visit it, you are in the process of getting to know a modern and contemporary destination, and because of its importance, it is frequented by tourists from all over the world.
- Among the most prominent recreational facilities that you will find in this mall are restaurants - cafes - cinemas - bowling alleys - ice skating halls.


9 - Forum Istanbul Mall:

- It was opened in 2009 and has since gained great popularity because it is one of the largest commercial centers in Europe.
- It extends over a large area of ​​about 495,000 square meters, while the number of its stores is three hundred, all of which belong to the most important international and local brands.
- It is not only a place for shopping, as it is a residential complex as well and offers many recreational services such as restaurants, cafes, and others.
- The shops in Forum Istanbul Mall are very diverse, as you will find clothing, gift, art, electronic and electrical stores.


10 - İstinye Park Mall:

- As for this mall, it is one of the most important modern and high-end shopping destinations that you may find in Istanbul, attracting many tourists and visitors annually to it from locals and foreigners.
- It is located within one of the most important areas of Istanbul (Sariyer), which is one of the most luxurious and prestigious areas of Istanbul until it was called the area of ​​the rich and famous. It consists of four floors.
- It was opened in 2007 and extends over an area of ​​87 thousand square meters and contains about three hundred shops.
- If you are a fan of international brands, you will find about 41 famous brands in it.
- Did you know that the roof of this mall is glass and movable, which opens and closes according to the weather?
- It has about 3,600 parking spaces - It includes 12 cinemas equipped with the latest technology - For children there are electronic games - The most famous restaurants and cafes are available.


Skyline Real Estate was with you on a tour of the most important, famous and most prestigious malls in Istanbul. It is one of the pillars of tourism in this city and an important supporter of its economy. In addition to all this, it is important in order to meet the basic needs of the population. It cannot be overlooked that it gives a vital character to the city and has a great impact on the real estate field, as the projects close to it raise their prices because of it.
You should know that Istanbul contains the most important malls not only in Turkey but also on the European continent.
If you want to know more special places in Istanbul and see the most important information about them, you only have to visit our website and our social media platforms.


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