Turkish citizenship is a target for investors


Turkish citizenship is a target for investors

The idea of ​​acquiring another nationality besides the first one has become an obsession for many people, especially investors, as they seek this matter in the hope of obtaining new advantages. Therefore, they will look for a strong nationality that is easy to obtain, and among the many distinguished nationalities in the world, Turkish citizenship was of great importance, which drew the attention of many to it. In order to know everything related to this topic and realize all its dimensions, you must finish reading the following article. 
The investor aims to obtain Turkish citizenship because this is possible in more than one way:

The investor aims to obtain Turkish citizenship because this is possible in more than one way:

1- Real estate investment:

It is one of the most preferred methods for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, as it is the easiest and has many advantages. It is only required that the property is of no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and it must be committed not to sell it before 3 years have passed since the date of its purchase. 
*It is important to note that the Turkish government approved this amount of money after it was previously one million US dollars. 

2- Commercial Investment:

There are those who choose to obtain Turkish citizenship through commercial investment, in which the amount invested is not less than five hundred thousand US dollars. Also, the benefit that will result from this method is great, as the returns are high. 

3- Bank deposit:

It can also be obtained by placing an amount of money in one of Turkey's banks, provided that the amount is not less than five hundred thousand US dollars. Nor should any part of it be withdrawn before the lapse of 3 years from the date of its deposit. 

4- Work permit:

Those who reside on Turkish land for 5 consecutive years under a work permit will be able to apply for it.

Turkish citizenship has many privileges and great advantages: 

1- Many investors aspire to obtain Turkish citizenship because it allows them to cross many borders of the world with reduced procedures. 72 countries do not require a visa / and 42 countries grant a visa to the traveler upon arrival at their airport / and there are 7 countries that grant a visa online for holders of Turkish citizenship. 
2- Turkey enjoys general stability throughout the country, especially in its economic sector, as it is recording a remarkable recovery and is expected to record a growth of 7% at the end of this year, and this is a safety indicator and a guarantee that investment will be accompanied by the expected results. Likewise, the situation is witnessing stability at the political level, which allows the investor to link his businesses that are located inside and outside Turkey. 
3- Whoever holds this citizenship will enjoy full Turkish citizenship rights. He will be able to participate in the elections taking place in the country and vote, and he will also be able to get the most prestigious and distinguished job opportunities. 
4- Turkish citizenship allows the holder to retain his mother nationality, thus becoming dual nationals and can benefit from the advantages of both. 
5- Turkey also enjoys a distinguished geographical location and oversight of the most important seas in the world, with a mild climate and charming and diverse nature. 
6- It is a way to live in Turkey with great luxury and comfort, as it has all the ingredients for that. 
7- It can be obtained in a short period of maximum 3 months.

Who are the world's most eager investors to obtain Turkish citizenship? 

The Arabs are at the top of the list, as their choice of Turkish citizenship over all the other nationalities of the world, did not stem from nothing, but was the result of many fundamental reasons, the most prominent of which is that Turkey is stigmatized by the Islamic character, and there are many common customs and traditions between them. Also, the cost of living in it is cheap when compared to other countries in the world. 
At the end of this article, we will discover the reasons behind the overwhelming desire of investors to obtain Turkish citizenship. The multiple ways it leads to it and the advantages it provides to its holder were combined to be typical. It was a choice for many, would it be your choice or would you prefer another nationality?


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