Warnings when choosing a property in Turkey


Warnings when choosing a property in Turkey

Avoid these things when buying real estate in Turkey

Are you someone who prefers to buy a property in Turkey? So you need a set of tips and information that you should take into consideration in order to avoid falling into many problems that would negatively affect the achievement of your goals or purpose of the property.
In this article, Skyline Real Estate will provide a set of warnings and advice that you need, and we will also highlight the most important problems that the buyer usually faces and we will attach them to the optimal solution to follow.


Pay attention to these things when buying a property in Turkey:

If this is the first time you are buying a property in Turkey, we advise you to be careful and first of all, you should know everything related to this matter because your experience and knowledge in this field is very little, Through the paragraphs that we will present immediately, a lot of information and details that you are interested in knowing.


First, you have to choose a real estate company carefully:

Recently, the demand for buying real estate in Turkey has increased dramatically, which necessitated an increase in the number of real estate agents and real estate companies in Turkey in order to meet the demands of the buyer and investor and provide all the services and assistance he needs, but it should be noted here that you should not choose any company you come across Not all of them are able to provide you with the services you need.
There are specific bases that you must choose on the basis of, and the following are the most prominent of them:
- You should be sure of the reputation of the company you are dealing with.
- Ask about its experience - its history - the services it provides to its clients.
- Ensure that its dealings with the buyer are flexible and interact with his questions and inquiries.
- It is preferable to communicate with clients who have previously dealt with them.
- You have to meet with the consulting and administrative department in the company to get all the answers you want.
- Check the company's website to get a quick idea of ​​its services and offers.
- It is worth noting that choosing the wrong real estate company will lead to you not fully achieving your goals and may lead to losses as well.


Second: Seek legal support and assistance:

It cannot be disputed that buying a property in Turkey is a completely safe and secured step thanks to all the facilities provided by the Turkish government on the one hand and the measures it has taken to guarantee the rights of the buyer on the other. But this does not negate the fact that there are some aspects that you must be careful about, the most important of which is the need to seek legal assistance from a skilled lawyer with experience in Turkish law and all its details. there may be a problem with the title deed that you cannot discover on your own, or a defect that causes you to lose money.
One of the most common problems facing the buyer when owning real estate in Turkey is the reservation or mortgage that negatively affects the value of the property and makes it difficult to complete the sale process. Add to your information that you may not discover this problem until two or three months after the purchase of the property, but if you are accompanied by a legal expert, the problem will be discovered immediately.


Third: Beware of the Real Estate Fraud Trap:

One of the most common problems when owning real estate in Turkey is real estate fraud. It is easy for the buyer to be a victim of fraud due to his lack of experience and knowledge of everything related to the Turkish real estate market. In this regard, we must point out that there are several forms of fraud that you should look at each of them in order to be away from them, which are as follows:
- Conceive the buyer that the property is suitable for the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
- Selling the property as suitable for obtaining a high monthly return.
- Impersonation of the property owner or falsification of papers and documents.
- Asking a price for the property much more than it is worth and the buyer having to pay thousands of Turkish liras in the wrong place.


Fourth: Pay attention when buying a property on the scheme:

Many foreigners and investors want to buy a property in Turkey on the plan or under construction because its prices are cheaper than ready-made properties in several stages, and this is a great option, especially for those who do not have enough budget to pay the full price in cash or who want to diversify their investment business and do not prefer to put all their capital In only one place.
But you must be wary of this choice and follow a number of procedures, the first of which is not only to see the property on the plan, but also to visit the site of the property on the ground, and you should not pay the full price of the property in one go, even if it is available to you, but you must gradually move in this matter with the development of the construction stages.
Do not forget that it is necessary to organize a sales contract and include all the terms that have been agreed upon.


Important information when buying real estate in Turkey:

Now that we have presented the most important aspects that you should be careful about when owning real estate in Turkey, we will talk about some important details that must be adhered to, and they are as follows.
1 - If your goal is to invest in real estate, you should choose the location of the property carefully. It is known that the more important it is, the more profit you will get, and its material and investment value will increase rapidly over time.
2 - Determine the goal that you seek to achieve from the property well so as not to choose wrongly or contradict the achievement of your goal.
3 - Do not make some of the positives or advantages that you found in the property forget the negative aspects.
4 - The real estate appraisal report protects you from paying additional amounts that the property does not deserve because it determines its value accurately and prevents the seller from manipulating prices as he likes.
5 - Study your financial budget well. Is what you own sufficient to cover the full costs, or will you have to borrow?
6 - Before you buy a property in Turkey, make sure that you make field trips to visit the most important real estate projects available to see the available specifications and prices.
7 - Many people seek to buy cheap real estate in Turkey, but you should know that the return you will get is not large or high, but it is a good start for those who do not have enough money to buy a luxury apartment.
8 - Make sure to complete all ownership procedures within an official department (The Title Deed Department), because any document issued by others is considered unofficial, even if it is issued by the Notter office.


Skyline Real Estate is always keen to provide its clients with the information and advice they need when buying a property in Turkey because they are fully aware that their experience in this field is not enough for them to go into this field on their own.
We advise you to constantly follow our website and visit our social media platforms to get all the information that interests you in this field.


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