What about owning real estate in Turkey


What about owning real estate in Turkey

Certainly, there are many mysteries behind this heavy demand for real estate ownership in Turkey. We see that those who hold Iranian citizenship have bought 3 thousand and 70 apartments during the first half of this year, and there are many other owners of other nationalities who have taken the same step.  Therefore, it is important to see all the details that motivated everyone who is looking for a property for sale to turn to Turkey, and for this we decided to accompany you in the following article to reveal all the dimensions of real estate ownership in Turkey. 

Real estate in Turkey grants owners the right to obtain real estate residence: 

This residence permit is a card that allows those who hold it to stay in Turkey during its validity period. The real estate residence permit is one of the best residences in Turkey and is similar in many ways to the tourist residence, but it is stronger in terms of renewal. 

Real estate in Turkey is the shortest path to obtaining Turkish citizenship: 

As it is only required that the price of the property to be no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars with a pledge not to sell it before 3 years have passed since the date of its ownership. Most of those who seek citizenship choose this method, as they will have achieved two goals at the same time. This citizenship gives those who hold it many advantages, as they will enjoy all the rights of Turkish citizenship, and Turkish citizenship allows its holder to have dual citizenship.

Real estate in Turkey has multiple options: 

Those looking for real estate for sale in Turkey will find many types in front of them, most notably the residential complexes, which are preferred by the vast majority, as they are closer to be typical, as they are luxurious and safe to live in. There are also duplexes, triplexes, penthouses and townhouses. 
There are those who tend to choose commercial and tourist properties that are the best for real estate investment, as their returns are high, especially if they are chosen according to well-studied and correct principles and rules. 
What makes real estate investment in Turkey so successful and profitable is that it is a high-class tourist, and every year it receives millions of tourists who will need a property to reside in during their stay in Turkey, and this leads us to the feasibility of buying hotels, restaurants or shops.

There are several notes that should be taken into consideration when buying real estate in Turkey: 

1- The purpose of its purchase must be specified: 

This avoids the search from being random, as the criteria for buying a property for housing is different from whether it is for real estate investment. Also, the specifications required to be present in the property must be specified (its view / area / number of rooms / floor in which it is located) and the level of luxury that is characterized by it must be determined. 

2- Care must be taken to comply with all legal procedures: 

First of all, the buyer must know all its limits, the most prominent of which is the inability to own more than 30 hectares in various parts of Turkey. It is also prohibited to own property within security or military areas. The buyer must abide by all the required papers and documents; one of the most prominent title deeds that prove the right of ownership of the property to its owner, and there is also the evaluation document (appraisal document)  that determines the price of the property very accurately. 

3- A real estate company with experience and knowledge should be sought: 

The real estate market in Turkey is complex, and the investor needs to be armed with caution before stepping into it, in order to avoid being a victim of real estate fraud, as real estate companies with their extensive experience can provide the buyer with the best investment opportunities, and they also have strong relationships with construction companies, so they come to their clients with special discounts.

Which Turkish cities are the best for searching for real estate for sale? 

Istanbul takes the lead, as it has all its components, it was the right destination for many who are looking for real estate for sale, and one of its most prominent features is that it has a large number of areas, each of which carries secrets and mysteries, the most prominent of which are: 

- Beylikduzu:

The distinctive modern destination in Istanbul is characterized by its advanced infrastructure/residential complexes scattered in it/is known as Istanbul's transportation node/predominantly calm/and real estate prices in Beylikdüzü are reasonable and cheap. 

- Sariyer:

Also, this area is one of the distinguished areas for buying real estate, and it is characterized as luxurious and distinctive, its prices are high, and it contains many different aspects of nature, most notably the lavender garden, it is the choice of everyone looking for excellence. 
This is not all, as every district of Istanbul is characterized by specific characteristics and carries between its sides details that make it a suitable destination for searching for real estate for sale. 
We can come to the conclusion that real estate in Turkey lies behind many details, and it is an opportunity that many seek to obtain, so will it be your destination as well? 

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