Where do Arabs live in Turkey?


Where do Arabs live in Turkey?

Cities and districts that Arabs prefer to live in Turkey

There are many reasons that prompted Arabs to live in Turkey. Do you have an idea about this issue?

Turkey is a polarizing environment for foreigners in general, and Arabs in particular, because of its elements and incentives, and because this is one of the important axes, we at Skyline Real Estate have chosen to share with you the most important information related to it, and we will also indicate the most prominent places they choose and the reasons that prompted them to make this decision.

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Learn about the places inhabited by Arabs in Turkey:

Through the following paragraphs, we will inform you of the most important places and states in which Arabs choose to live and settle in Turkey, and we will also indicate their most prominent advantages and their most important motives for choosing them.

1 - Bursa City:

One of the most important places that the Arab citizen prefers to live in in Turkey is the city of Bursa, which is in the middle of the two most important cities (Istanbul and Ankara), and the number of Arabs residing in it exceeded 12000 people.

This city is the closest to Istanbul, where it is only an hour away. Add to your information that the prices of real estate and apartments in it are suitable.

It is characterized as a wonderful tourist destination for people from everywhere (it contains lakes - mountains - the longest cable car in the world - as well as restaurants and cafes).

It also has a lot of job opportunities, which encourages the youth group specifically to live there so that they are near their workplaces.

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2 - Sakarya City:

It is one of the most important Turkish cities and is close to Istanbul, where it is only two hours away from it, and according to statistics, the number of Arabs in it has reached 5,000 people.

Did you know that it contains many important historical and natural attractions, and the most famous thing you might visit is (Sapanca Lake).


3 - Istanbul:

Arabs choose Istanbul, which is one of their first choices because of its importance, sophistication, and modernity, and also because it is located on two continents at the same time (Asia and Europe).

This city contains a lot of high-end real estate projects (residential complexes), there are those who choose them for housing and residence, and some for investment, study, tourism and other goals.

Below we will present to you the most prominent areas in which the Arab presence is concentrated in Istanbul.

Basaksehir district - Istanbul:

- It got the title (the region of the rich Arabs) because of the large Arab presence in it.

- They are drawn to the organized streets, the spacious apartments and the great tranquility it enjoys.

- It has a huge transportation network that helps connect it with most other areas of the city.

- Its buildings are modern.

- It contains the most important schools - universities - hospitals (Bashakshehir Medical City) - malls (Mall of Istanbul) - restaurants - cafes.

- Many of its schools adopt Arabic as the primary language.


Eyup Sultan District - Istanbul:

- One of the areas that Arabs prefer to settle in the most, and one of their main motives for this is its presence in the center of Istanbul.

- It abounds with many historical and tourist attractions such as (Sultan Eyup Mosque).

- It includes many popular markets.

- It contains cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues.

- It is possible to invest in real estate in order to obtain a large profit (based on the population density that it witnesses and the constant influx of tourists to it).

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Bakirkoy District - Istanbul:

- This area is suitable for those looking for luxury and sophistication, as it is located on the European side of the city and has a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea.

- No matter how you turn your head, you'll find charming nature scenes and gardens (such as Bakirkoy Botanical Garden).

- Enjoy the presence of wonderful and luxurious residential projects.

- It is considered a place of residence and stability for many people.

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Esenyurt District - Istanbul:

Are you wondering about the reasons why Arabs chose to go to Esenyurt over other areas of Istanbul?

- It is characterized by the abundance of public transportation that facilitates access and movement between regions.

- It contains universities, public and private schools (there are Arab schools in them).

- It includes more than ten gardens (the most famous of which is the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Garden).

- It has more than twenty malls (helping residents meet their basic needs).

- The real estate in it is diverse and it is divided into two main sections (popular real estate and modern real estate).

Real estate prices will witness a jump in the coming period for several reasons, the most important of which are:

- The demand for it increased dramatically.

- Its high population density.

- Directing construction companies to construct their real estate projects.

- Construction of a new metro station.

- The Arabs' choice of these cities and regions does not mean that they are not present in the rest of the other states, as they have a presence in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and the bride of the Mediterranean (Antalya).


Reasons why Arabs live in Turkey:

The increase in the number of Arab communities in Turkey was not purely a coincidence, but was based on the desires they found to live and settle there, and this is what we will discuss through the following paragraphs.

1 - Turkey's geographical location:

- Turkey is located on the borders of the Arab world and adjacent to many Arab countries such as Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt.

- It is easy for them to move to and from Turkey, as they can be traveled to by land, air or sea.


2 - Shared culture:

- Between Turkey and the Arab countries there are many common cultures and civilizations, as they fell under the Ottoman rule for a long period of time.

- You will find a lot of similarities in terms of customs, traditions and social norms prevailing between the two societies.

- It is easy to integrate with Turkish society as it is hospitable and friendly.

- The common religion is Islam.


3 - Political stability:

- One of the first motives that made the Arab choose to live in Turkey is that it is witnessing political stability, in contrast to the situation in most Arab countries that suffer from fluctuations in the security situation, which had a negative impact on their lives in general.


4 - Economic recovery:

- Turkey is distinguished by its economy, which has outperformed the most important economies of the world and was able to surpass it.

- A successful economy imposes its impact on all areas and sectors of life.

- While the Arab world in general and the Levant in particular are witnessing economic collapses.


5 - Study according to advanced systems:

- Turkey was distinguished by its educational reality to a large extent, to the extent that it became a competitor to the most important European countries.

- It constantly updates its curricula to ensure that its students receive a high quality of education.

- Students are awarded certificates that are recognized in various countries of the world.


Will the Arab find difficulties when living in Turkey?

Despite all the advantages and advantages that an Arab citizen will get when he chooses Turkey to live, there are some negative aspects that he may suffer from, which are as follows:

- The Turkish language and the difficulty of learning it, especially since the Turks do not prefer to speak other languages (it should be noted here that it is easy to overcome this problem, as it is easy to learn this language and will not take more than six months.

- There you will find some differences in customs and with the diversity of the population you will have to face different religions.

- Turkey is experiencing overcrowding and therefore this may create difficulty in moving between regions, especially during peak hours.

- If you choose to live in major cities in Istanbul, you will have many hours of work.


We have provided you with a comprehensive summary about the areas inhabited by Arabs in Turkey and we have shown you the reasons that drew their attention to it. Let us tell you that in Skyline Real Estate we are keen to offer you the most important real estate opportunities suitable for you and your goals and commensurate with your financial balance. Do not hesitate to contact us, many excellent opportunities await you.




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