Why do Arabs choose Basaksehir for housing


Why do Arabs choose Basaksehir for housing

The reason why Arabs go to the Basaksehir area

It cannot be overlooked that the Arabs in Istanbul have a very large presence, especially with the many crises that the Arab world is witnessing, including wars, crises, economic and political collapses, and others.
But have you wondered about the places and regions in which the Arab is present in that city? What are the reasons that made them choose it?
Basaksehir is one of the most important areas that Arabs choose to live in.
Through the following article, the editorial team at Skyline Real Estate will inform you of the reasons why Arabs chose Basaksehir for housing and stability. If this topic interests you, you can follow these lines with us.


In your opinion, why do Arabs choose Basaksehir for housing?

Through the following paragraph, you can see the most important reasons and motives that encourage foreigners and Arabs to choose Basaksehir for housing and search for properties for sale there.

First: A distinctive investment environment:

Among the information that you may not know about this matter is that Basaksehir is one of the most important places for real estate investment in Istanbul in general, for many important reasons, the most important of which are:
- Strong infrastructure helps to have a comfortable and distinguished life.
- A geographical location close to Istanbul's new airport, which gave it a high investment value.
- Also close to Ataturk International Airport and the new Istanbul Water Canal.
- The region has been provided with a modern transportation network that has contributed to linking it with more than 80% of other Istanbul regions.
Did you know that the Basaksehir district in Istanbul is one of the modern areas that was established in 2008 AD, and despite its modernity, it was able to obtain an advanced and important rank and is among the first 5 areas in terms of investment importance.

Second: Provides you with a luxurious life:

If you are a fan of having a luxurious and distinguished life, the Basaksehir area is considered one of the most important areas suitable for achieving this goal, as it provides you with an ideal model for the life of the wealthy, where all the service and recreational facilities you need to meet your needs are available, and the following are the most important public facilities that You will find:
- Theaters.
- Cinemas.
- Complexes and shopping centers.
- Huge stadium in the olympia area.
- One of the most famous malls in Istanbul (Mall of Istanbul).
- A famous medical city (Başakşehir Medical City), which is ranked third on the European continent.
One of the information that is important to note about this area is that most of its residents are wealthy Arabs who belong to the high and educated class, and add to your information that more than 40% of its residents are young people.

Third: Modern luxury real estate:

As for real estate, the Basaksehir area contains the most important residential and investment projects in Istanbul and includes the most luxurious, modern and sophisticated real estate projects, which prompted most of those who intend to invest in real estate in Istanbul to choose it as a destination
If you choose to take a field tour between the real estate projects in that city, you will be surprised by the huge organization that you will find in the city’s streets and the spacing between the buildings, which gives you privacy in living in them, in addition to the high luxury in design and modernity.
The Turkish government constantly strives to support the real estate projects that are being built in it and is keen to make it luxurious and unique.

Fourth: The famous site of Basaksehir:

Certainly, the geographical location of Başakşehir plays an important role in attracting Arabs and foreigners in general to it in order to buy real estate and apartments. Here are some points about its location:
- It is located on the European side of Istanbul.
- Its total area is about 104 thousand square meters.
- From the south, it is bordered by Avcilar and Bagcilar, as well as Kucukcekmece.
- On the south side, there is Esenler.
- From the east you will find Sultangazi district.
- From the southwest side, there is the Esenyurt region.
Also, this area is dominated by green spaces, which gave it a lot of importance and beauty and helped to get a distinct and quiet life near the manifestations of nature that gives you unparalleled tranquility.


Advantages of buying apartments in Basaksehir:

We have a set of reasons and motives that will encourage you to make the decision to search for apartments for sale in Basaksehir, Istanbul, and through the following paragraphs, we will highlight the most prominent of them.
1 - Modern and advanced transportation lines that make moving from one place to another very easy, and reaching the center of Istanbul will only take a few minutes.
2 - The Arabs chose to live in that area, and more than 60% of the area's population became Arabs.
3 - It contains a group of various public and private schools and universities with high-end and international educational systems.
4 - It is characterized by calmness and distance from the noise and hustle of the city, which provides great comfort for the residents.
5 - This area includes many parks and public parks that give the area an element of luxury.


Real estate prices in Basaksehir:

In your opinion, after all the information we provided about the Basaksehir district of Istanbul, are real estate prices high or low?
In fact, this area is one of the areas with the highest real estate prices in Istanbul in general, and this has emerged clearly in recent years, where the rate of increase has been recorded about 45%, and according to the expectations of experts and specialists in the field of real estate in Istanbul, it is expected to rise more than that in the coming days specifically, after the completion of the construction work of the new Istanbul Water Canal project, which will have an impact on the real estate sector in Istanbul in general and on Basaksehir and the surrounding and nearby areas in particular, this will automatically lead to an increase in real estate prices and an increase in their investment value.


In this regard, let us tell you that the opportunity is still available for you to easily get your apartment in Basaksehir, Istanbul, as many construction companies are still working on building and constructing many high-end residential complexes in it, and this indicates the possibility of finding apartments for sale in installments in Basaksehir if you do not have enough financial balance to pay the full price in cash, in addition to the fact that these companies are constantly offering tempting offers.
Whether you want to search for apartments for sale in Başakşehir or in other areas of Istanbul, you can contact us to inform you about the most important and prominent real estate offers and options available and to provide you with a set of tips and advice you need. Do not forget to visit our website constantly to see the latest news and developments related to the real estate market in Istanbul.


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