Yemenis purchasing real estate in Turkey


Yemenis purchasing real estate in Turkey

All the information you need about Yemenis purchasing real estate in Turkey

The field of real estate in Turkey has not been the monopoly of anyone, but has always been the arena that opens its doors to everyone without exception, except for a few of them, for reasons and old agreements, and often political reasons. And this great demand in the real estate market in Turkey was not in vain, but it is just in order to obtain a huge package of privileges offered to foreigners in Turkey. It was the holders of Yemeni nationality who drew their attention to real estate in Turkey, and through the following article we will accompany you to inform you of the most important details and information related to the ownership of Yemenis in Turkey, and we will highlight the main reasons that prompted them to take this step. 


Why is the number of Yemenis buying real estate increasingly in Turkey? 

The flexible investment laws in Turkey were a golden opportunity for holders of Yemeni citizenship to own real estate, as there are many temptations that encouraged them to take this step, most notably: 

1- Tax exemptions:

Taxes are an obsession for many people and real estate owners, as they limit the percentage of profits that can be obtained. With the laws that approved the reduction of some and exemption from others, Turkey has become a safe haven in order to obtain abundant profits. 


2- Turkey is characterized by an Arab and Islamic character:

What encourages the ownership of Yemenis in Turkey is that the general character that dominates the city is Islamic and Eastern in particular, which guarantees them to live within a conservative environment that does not stray far from their customs, traditions and social systems. 


3- Affordable living costs and low real estate prices:

The cost of living in Turkey is suitable for different budgets, and it is not restricted to those with high budgets only, and in this it contradicts many European countries and the countries of the United States of America. Also, real estate prices in Turkey are cheap and at the same time they do not lack any of the modernity and development or distinctive engineering designs. Moreover, it has been designed according to the latest international standards, as it is resistant to earthquakes, heat insulation and external sounds. 


4- Desire to obtain real estate residency:

By purchasing a property suitable for housing in Turkey, you can apply for a real estate residence permit, which has been classified as one of the most important residences in Turkey based on the many privileges it offers its holders. In addition, it can be obtained easily and can be renewed whenever its term expires. The advantage of real estate residency in Turkey is that obtaining it is not subject to arbitrary conditions that are difficult to deal with, such as price or any other specifications. 


5 - The ownership of Yemenis in Turkey stems from their desire to obtain Turkish citizenship:

Like others, holders of Yemeni citizenship were aspiring to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, so they are looking for real estate that matches the conditions for obtaining it, that is, the price of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars + not to be sold before three years have passed. 

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6- Economic recovery and political stability:

In contrast to what the Yemeni state is witnessing of fluctuation and backwardness in various aspects of its life. In light of all the crises it suffers from, the Yemeni people have found that Turkey, with all the development and economic recovery it is witnessing, has proven to be a safe environment, especially that this came in conjunction with political stability, as Turkey is working to consolidate its relations with many countries of the world, especially Arab countries.


What papers must be provided by Yemenis to buy real estate in Turkey? 

In order to complete all the procedures for Yemenis owning real estate in Turkey, many papers must be available, the most important of which are: Personal photos / The tax number of the buyer, which can be obtained easily / A copy of the Yemeni passport must be brought, and it must be translated and attested into Turkish with the notary public / A receipt for payment of the title deed fees must be presented. 

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What are the steps to be followed by Yemenis to own real estate in Turkey? 

1 - Choosing the right property: In the beginning, you must search for the right property for what you want to reach. If you want to live and settle, you are free to choose the property according to the details you wish to have. If you want to invest in real estate, your choice must be based on specific principles and rules. 

2 - The buyer must attend in person: even if the buyer does not reside in Turkey, he must attend in person to sign the contract. But if he is not able to attend, he can send someone on his behalf through an official attorney. 

3- Submitting the required documents: The file of the required documents mentioned above must be prepared. 

4 - In the fourth step, you must open a bank account in a bank in Turkey in order for the amount to be transferred. 

5- Both the seller and the buyer must attend the Land Registry Directorate in order for the buyer to relinquish his ownership of the property. 


What are the conditions that those who wish to buy real estate in Turkey must adhere to? 

Despite the ease of procedures for foreign ownership in general of real estate in Turkey, there are some restrictions that must be adhered to, most notably: 

- Foreigners are not entitled to own more than 30 hectares in different parts of Turkey, and the area of ​​ownership of real estate in the same administrative region should not be more than 10 percent. 

- One of the laws stipulated by the Turkish Constitution is that a foreigner is not entitled to own property within the security or military areas, so it must be ensured that it is not located in an area bearing these two characteristics. 


What is the most important advice that must be adhered to when foreigners own real estate in Turkey? 

When a Yemeni decides to own a property in Turkey, the first thing he must abide by is to seek the assistance of a real estate company that has extensive experience in the real estate field, so that you can find your property easily and without having to face obstacles. 

Let us tell you that at Skyline Real Estate we provide you with all the services that help you in your real estate and investment journey and we are with you step by step from the beginning till the end.

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