Your property in Turkey is your step towards a better life


Your property in Turkey is your step towards a better life

Real estate in Turkey holds many secrets, mysteries, and advantages, and because many of those who are about to buy real estate in Turkey want excellence and access to the exemplary property, Turkish real estate was their choice, real estate in Turkey is considered capable of moving those who own it towards a better life. But what are those features that it is known for? What are the reasons that led many to own it? Many details related to real estate in Turkey and many questions that we will answer through the following article.

The most important advantages that can be obtained when owning real estate in Turkey:

1 - Your property in Turkey is a way to legally reside in Turkey:

- By acquiring a property in Turkey, you can apply for a real estate residence permit, which has many privileges and advantages, the most prominent of which is that it entitles its holder to move between the Turkish states with complete comfort. It is also not restricted to the property owner only, but all family members get it unless the children are over the legal age.
- One of the most prominent advantages of real estate residency is that there is a possibility to renew it, and the procedures for obtaining it are easy. The property is not required to have any characteristics, neither in terms of location nor in terms of price.

2 - Real estate in Turkey is the shortest way to obtain Turkish citizenship:

- According to the official authorities, most of those who apply to own real estate in Turkey aim to obtain Turkish citizenship, as the property is the best way to obtain it, as it is only required that the property be of a material value of no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars with a commitment not to transfer its ownership to another person before the lapse of three years from the date of its ownership.

But what advantages can be obtained when obtaining Turkish citizenship?

- There are many privileges, the most important of which is obtaining a Turkish passport, which entitles its holder to cross many borders of countries around the world without a transit visa.
- And whoever obtains it will be like any Turkish citizen who enjoys the same rights and has the same duties, and he will also become dual nationals, as there is no problem in retaining the mother’s nationality.

3 - Real estate in Turkey is of high quality at competitive prices:

- One of the aspects that characterize real estate in Turkey is that its prices are acceptable and appropriate, and this comes in conjunction with the quality that it enjoys and the luxurious specifications, and it is also designed to be earthquake-resistant.
- According to a statement from the American magazine "The Times", real estate prices in Turkey are cheaper than those in Europe, in its western and eastern parts, by a large difference of up to eighty percent.

4 - Real estate in Turkey is a great guarantee:

- Despite the emergence of the real estate fraud problem, it can be remedied very easily through the real estate appraisal document that determines the price of the property very accurately and does not leave any room for manipulation.
- The Turkish government supervises the progress of the real estate construction process in order to control the quality and standards that are adhered to, and the earthquake insurance policy is one of the guarantees provided by the real estate market in Turkey.
- The Turkish government offers a lot of facilities, which are represented in tax cuts and easy procedures that lead to ownership.

5- Real estate in Turkey for long-term investments:

- The Turkish government is interested in attracting foreign investments, and therefore we find it always keen to issue laws that motivate foreigners to invest in real estate.
- Turkey is characterized as being stable on the political, social and economic levels as well, and this aspect is clearly demonstrated by comparing it with other countries.
- There is a noticeable increase in real estate prices in Turkey, especially after the establishment of many huge projects that, despite their modernity, managed to gain a global position, such as Istanbul's new airport, water canal, tunnels and highways.
- The demand for real estate in Turkey will not stop, based on its tourist nature, which attracts millions of tourists every year. Therefore, the best types of real estate that are accompanied by a great return are the touristic ones, i.e. hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, malls and hotel apartments.

6 - The real estate market in Turkey is the first beneficiary of inflation rates:

Inflation is a positive factor for real estate investment, unlike other types of investments. The higher the inflation, the higher the demand for real estate and the higher the real estate offers, the construction companies are competing with each other in order to build modern real estate projects under these circumstances. Accordingly, real estate is considered one of the best and safest investments ever. As its returns are guaranteed, its impact on short-term crises is small, unlike other investments.
Many factors have combined together to make Turkey a suitable environment for owning and investing real estate. It is no longer an ordinary opportunity, but has become exceptional and with distinction.

We at Skyline are keen to provide you with the most important services that you need in your real estate career.

We provide real estate consultancy that directs your attention towards the right choice and provides a wide range of options for you. We are also keen to accompany you on real estate tours to inform you of the most important projects in the market.

Our mission with you does not end with you obtaining your desired property, but we accompany you in all the next steps of preparing the papers and following up on legal affairs. If Turkish citizenship is your goal, we help you to obtain it and provide you with the property that matches the conditions for obtaining it.
Skyline Real Estate is with you from the time you set foot on the Turkish land until you receive the property thanks to its extensive experience and knowledge of all dimensions of the real estate market in Turkey.


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