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Common questions

Common questions

Important questions about buying real estate in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship

?Can foreigners obtain Turkish citizenship
Yes, foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship, and the ways to obtain citizenship are
QBy investing in real estate

Marriage to a citizen of Turkish origin
Deposit half a million US dollars in a Turkish bank
?What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment
 Purchase of real estate or real estate worth 250 thousand dollars- 
 The existence of a title deed of the property- 
A pledge not to sell the property for 3 years- 

?Can a foreigner buy more than one property in Turkey
Yes, according to Turkish law, foreigners have the right to buy more than one property on Turkish lands, as the Turkish government made some amendments to foreign ownership decisions and lifted the ban on some Arab nationalities
?What are the most important tips that can be known before buying a property in Turkey
Ensure that there is a real estate appraisal document in Turkey
Choosing a trusted real estate company
Verify the original owner of the property
Ensure that the property is free of any sign of mortgage or seizure
Visit the property's site before purchasing

When buying a property in Turkey, how is the dollar exchange rate calculated when paying the price of the ?property
It is made according to the official price issued by the Central Bank of Turkey on the date of the purchase of the property

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