Get to know the rich neighborhoods of Istanbul

Istanbul is characterized by having a group of distinguished, high-end areas, which are not inferior to any other cities in the world such as London, Paris or Rome. It is a city very similar to European cities while retaining its eastern and Asian flavor.

Istanbul neighborhoods

Istanbul is characterized by having a group of distinguished, high-end areas, which are not inferior to any other cities in the world such as London, Paris or Rome. It is a city very similar to European cities while retaining its eastern and Asian flavor. Istanbul is distinguished by its wide diversity, especially at the real estate level, which made it a destination for everyone looking for a luxurious life full of entertainment and comfort. Istanbul, the city of two continents, is distinguished by its extension on the two most important continents of the world, as well as it is not limited to specific groups of society, but rather it is the destination of everyone without exception. Through the following article, we will present to you a comprehensive study of the rich neighborhoods of Istanbul, highlighting their most important features. Before delving into this topic, we must point out that the rich neighborhoods of Istanbul are a destination for tourists in general, where they can walk and shop as well, and therefore they are a source of economic income. 

Rich neighborhoods in Istanbul

1. Bebek district in Istanbul

Bebek is one of the wealthy neighborhoods in Istanbul, and it bears the historical character par excellence. It is also considered an unlimited luxury and sophistication, as this is represented in every aspect of it, and thus it is the preserve of those with high budgets. In this regard, we must point out that it is a marina for luxury boats and yachts. The area is witnessing a large tourist influx as it is located on this Bosphorus Strait. It is also characterized by the luxury of its real estate aspect, as it owns many distinguished restaurants and shops. Bebek is famous for its ice cream parlors, and lastly, it is known for being quite calm and perfect for lovers of this atmosphere.

2. Florya district in Istanbul

This distinctive neighborhood, which is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the city, extends along the coast of the Marmara Sea. According to statistics, it has topped the list of the most visited areas in the city and gives everyone who visits it an entertaining atmosphere. It is also the right place for recreation and enjoyment and includes many historical and tourist attractions such as the Grand Ataturk Palace. Tourists come from all sides and includes the famous Florya Aquarium, as well as its famous shops and international brands. It is also famous for its coast and the distinctive Florya Garden. Florya district is one of the affluent districts of Istanbul and it is an entertainment place rich with restaurants and cafes. 

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3. Bakirkoy district in Istanbul

If you search for the most lively place in Istanbul, Bakirkoy is the area that bears this status, based on its shops and restaurants. It also includes many malls, and this area has recently received a lot of urban development and added some modern and modern touches. Karakoy is characterized by its charming nature and is considered one of the most important areas suitable for the idea of ​​real estate investment, where high and rewarding returns can be obtained, especially during the tourist seasons. 

4. Levent district in Istanbul

If you are looking for the rich neighborhoods of Istanbul, you must head towards the Levent district, which is located on the European side of the city. The area is characterized by residential complexes and high-rise skyscrapers. It is also an important financial center in the city, where many economic projects are located. It has a distinctive view of the Bosphorus, which made it an important tourist destination for tourists, especially as it has many parks, cultural centers, restaurants and theaters. In addition, it includes many hotels that seem to have a charming view, as well as the modern shopping centers distributed in the area.

5. Nisantasi district in Istanbul

This area was built during the era of the Ottoman Empire, specifically during the time of Sultan Abdul Majeed I. Since then, it has been known as one of the most important neighborhoods of the rich in Istanbul, and this characteristic has continued to be attached to it to this day, based on the fact that its real estate prices are very high. Nisantasi is characterized by its classic architectural style and contains many luxury apartments and high-end fashion houses that offer you the opportunity to shop from the most important international brands. It also contains a number of restaurants, cafes and clubs. Nisantasi is not like other areas as it witnesses great cultural diversity and has won a number of awards for its high quality accommodation. Finally, it is the residence of wealthy foreigners. 

6. Besiktas district in Istanbul

Besiktas is one of the most important affluent neighborhoods in Istanbul and is the most distinguished after Taksim. Besiktas is characterized by its view of the Bosphorus and includes many tourist attractions in the city, which made it an important tourist destination, especially as it contains luxurious Ottoman palaces and many high-end restaurants. It is also characterized by narrow streets, which give the place the characteristic of warmth. Among the most famous monuments it contains are the Dolmabahce Palace and the port of Hayreddin Barbaros Pasha. It is also a must to visit the Maritime Museum and the famous fish market. 

7. Ortakoy district in Istanbul

One of the most upscale areas in Istanbul, it is located on the European side of the city and has an exceptional view of the Bosphorus. Previously, it was called the resort of the Ottoman Sultans, and today it is considered one of the best options for real estate ownership, whether for housing or real estate investment. Ortakoy has many luxury hotels. It includes one of the most prominent palaces of the Ottoman Empire (Chirgan Palace) with a unique urban design.

8. Sariyer District

Sariyer is located on the European side of the city and has a unique view of the Bosphorus. It has ranked among the first three areas in the city in terms of sophistication, luxury and high real estate prices as well. It has been called the area of ​​the rich, politicians, celebrities and artists. 

Sariyer sits on the throne of the rich neighborhoods in this city par excellence, and it is a huge neighborhood that includes many luxury residential complexes equipped with the highest standards of quality and safety, as well as earthquake-resistant. 

It is also one of the important tourist destinations, as it includes large areas of Belgrade forests. It also contains a famous park (Emirgan Park) and there are many palaces of the Ottoman Empire.

What are the most prominent advantages of living in the rich neighborhoods of Istanbul? 

  • These neighborhoods are characterized by being quiet, safe and elegant, and they have a wide service package, as well as many distinguished recreational services. 
  • These neighborhoods receive great government attention, in addition to that they enjoy a great investment value and thus provide attractive returns. 
  • Residential complexes are predominant in general, and they contain the most prestigious public and private schools and universities, in addition to an integrated transportation network that connects them with all other neighborhoods of Istanbul. 
  • If you compare real estate prices in Istanbul with other important cities around the world, you will find that their prices are very cheap in front of all its advantages. 
  • In such areas, it is easy to obtain Turkish citizenship, as a large percentage of its real estate and apartments cost more than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars. 

This city has many important criteria that make it a choice for wealthy people around the world, as Istanbul offers you an integrated lifestyle.

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