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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Company Biography

- Skyline was established in 2006 and by 2012 announced the opening of its real estate division. 
- It is also specialized in providing the best decoration works and the establishment of homes and offices. 
- "Skyline" is distinguished by its management and integrated team, which aims to keep pace with the latest elements of development and modernity in order to provide the best services to its customers. 
- It works to bring the customer to the height of satisfaction he desires. 
- The headquarters of Skyline company is on the European side of Istanbul / Basaksehir area in particular. 

Privacy policy 

- "Skyline" is keen on the complete confidentiality of the information and personal data that the customer provides to it. 
- Any information provided to the company is used for the benefit of the customer only and is not provided to any other party unless the judiciary so requires. 
- Maintains the information that is provided to it in order to communicate with customers, provide the necessary advice and consultations and answer their inquiries.

Why "Skyline" 

- It helps its clients to ascend the real estate investment platform, facilitates their ways, and accompanies them in all their steps from the beginning till the end. 
- Answer all inquiries about how to buy a property in Turkey and the steps to be taken in this regard. 
- Draws the customer's attention to the most important educational institutions and universities that are located in Turkey, as well as to the most important hospitals and medical centers. 
- Skyline does not only sell real estate, thanks to its specialized team, it helps the client to obtain all kinds of insurances and residencies, shortens distances and saves him effort. 
- It strives to put the latest developments in the real estate market in Turkey in the hands of its customers, providing an analytical study of what they choose, all based on honesty and transparency. 

Skyline services: 

Real Estate Services :  

Skyline provides its client with real estate that matches his desires and purpose of buying it, taking into account his financial budget, and it accompanies him on field tours to inform him of the most important real estate projects, giving him a lot of options and leaving the decision to him. 

Property management services:

If the client's goal is real estate investment, the concerned team will manage the property, rent it, follow up on the returns, and pay all taxes incurred on the property on time.

Home decorating and furnishing services:

Skyline offers two types of home furnishing and decoration services: 
- The first type: the property needs furnishing and a thoughtful selection of furnishings, and this task is undertaken by the company’s decoration team. 
- The second type: the property needs drastic modifications in addition to the furnishing, as in the first type. 
In both cases, the client will get the best results that he seeks to reach. 
Shipping, import and export services: 
- Through Skyline, it is now possible to import and export to and from Turkey without personal attendance, as its specialized team will take over the entire task. 
- Care will be taken to select the best goods at the best prices, and the customer will be provided with sufficient information as if he is present. 
Media services: One of the most important things that Skyline provided in the year 2020, as it provided its customers with media services through Shadow Box Company. 
Tourism and medical tourism services: It is one of the services that Skyline seeks to provide in 2021, and it will be accompanied by features that satisfy customers.

Information about the citizenship and naturalization system in "Skyline" 

- According to the amendment issued by the Turkish government in 2018 to the naturalization decision, it is now possible to apply for Turkish citizenship easier than before. 
- By purchasing a property at a cost of $250,000, or depositing $500,000 as a deposit in the bank. 
- The person and his family obtain Turkish citizenship within only two months. Skyline is with the client step by step to secure all the necessary papers to submit the citizenship file in full. 

Skyline services starting from and to the airport: 

- Skyline receives its customers at the moment of their arrival at the airport and escorts them to the best hotels in Turkey and guarantees them a distinguished stay. In this context, the company would have contacted the customer in advance to find out what suits him. 
- Hosts the client at the company's headquarters to have an introductory session on the most important real estate investment projects before being taken to visit them on the ground.  
- The company provides the client with all the services he may need during his stay in Turkey, the most important of which is his assistance in moving from one place to another.

Contact Info

Ziya Gökalp Mah. Süleyman Demirel
Bul. Mall Of İstanbul Ofis blok Kat: 10
No: 80, 34480 Başakşehir/İstanbul