Acquiring Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey.

The real estate market in Turkey has experienced significant growth due to the opportunity to gain Turkish citizenship through property purchase in the country.

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The Turkish real estate market has witnessed a wide prosperity as a result of large government facilities, including the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey, which formed an attraction factor for investors and ordinary people to buy and own real estate in Turkey in order to obtain citizenship and enjoy many advantages through this citizenship, and in this article we will learn about the details of obtaining Turkish citizenship By owning real estate, its conditions and features.

Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

Under the slogan "citizenship for investment", the Turkish government launched in 2018 its government program that facilitates the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investors, and the Investment Office of the presidency of the Republic of Turkey determined under this program the executive decisions on the process of obtaining citizenship for investment, and then many amendments to this law were issued in the following years, but the easiest and fastest way To obtain Turkish citizenship, it was through the purchase and ownership of real estate according to the conditions set by the Turkish government, and the investor wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship through the real estate ownership process should familiarize himself with the full government conditions and comply with them away from any problem that could prevent or delay obtaining this citizenship.

Amendments to the Turkish citizenship law

The Turkish government made its latest amendments to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship by foreign investors on 13-05-2022, and published these amendments in the official newspapers, and this amendment included the conditions that must be met in the investor for the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship, these conditions are:

  • Buy real estate on Turkish soil worth at least 400 thousand US dollars, and keep these properties for at least three years.
  • Deposit funds of at least 500 thousand US dollars in one of the Turkish banks, and not withdraw the amount for three years.
  • Deposit funds of at least 500 thousand US dollars into the individual Cooperation Fund and do not withdraw for 3 years.
  • Establishing a company on the condition of employing 50 workers from Turkish citizens and not laying off any of them for 3 years.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of a property

Despite the ease of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase and ownership of real estate in Turkey, the Turkish government has imposed some conditions that the investor must comply with in order to obtain citizenship, these conditions are:

  • The value of the property or the value of the real estate property of the investor should not be less than 400 thousand US dollars.
  • The investor must keep this property for at least three years and not sell it before three years have passed.
  • The property to be purchased for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship must be sold for the first time for this purpose.
  • This property must be previously owned by a native Turkish and does not accept Turkish citizenship holders, regardless of the method of obtaining citizenship.
  • The investor must deposit the value of the property in foreign currency to the Turkish central bank and Exchange this value for Turkish lira.
  • This property must be registered in the official title deed records and have a title deed document of any kind.
  • Payment for the property must be made through bank transfers and cash circulation of the property price is not accepted.
  • The price of the property must be paid in cash and installments are accepted only if the value of the down payment is more than 400 thousand dollars.

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Required papers for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership

As for the papers and documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, they are:

  • A copy of the passport translated and certified by the notary, and copies of the passports of the wife and children in case of desire to naturalize them as well.
  • The investor's family book is translated and certified by the notary.
  • 2 personal photos for each of the individuals wishing to obtain citizenship.
  • There is a patent for each individual wishing to obtain citizenship.
  • Documents not judged translated and certified for the investor and his wife.
  • The receipt of payment for the property is notarized and certified by the bank.
  • Receipts for receipt from the seller.
  • A copy of the property title deed.
  • Real Estate Appraisal Document of the property.
  • Application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship from real estate ownership

Below we show you the steps to obtain Turkish citizenship through the purchase and ownership of real estate.

  1. Communicate with real estate companies or one of the real estate consultants in order to send offers for the properties to be purchased.
  2. View all real estate laws, fees and taxes related to the process of real estate ownership.
  3. To come to Turkey in order to complete sales and other procedures or to appoint an official proxy on his behalf.
  4. Take a tour of the properties to be purchased and check their specifications, quality and official papers.
  5. The conclusion of a purchase contract between the company or the selling party and the buying party, whether the investor himself or his representative.
  6. Discharge the value of the property in US dollars through the Central Bank of Turkey and Exchange it for Turkish lira.
  7. Transfer the value of the property in Turkish lira to the seller's account.
  8. Completion of legal procedures and the process of obtaining the title deed of the property.
  9. Submit an application for obtaining Turkish citizenship and attach the necessary papers and documents.
  10. Obtaining an investor's residence permit in Turkey from the Turkish immigration presidency.
  11. The arrival of a letter from the souls accepting the application for citizenship and turning to the souls for the fingerprint and obtaining the Turkish identity.

Facilities provided by the Turkish government for obtaining citizenship

In addition to providing this unique advantage to investors and the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning real estate only, the Turkish government has provided many other facilities related to obtaining citizenship, the most important of which are:

  • It is not required that the investor buys one property worth 400 thousand US dollars, but the investor can buy several properties with a total value of up to 400 thousand dollars.
  • The Turkish government has not specified the type of property, and the investor can buy any type of residential, commercial, agricultural or other real estate.
  • The citizenship law includes properties under construction or properties that are being sold while they are still on the plan.
  • The investor who owns the property is not required to reside in Turkey and there are no laws that impose the investor's residence for specific periods in Turkey.
  • The investor is not required to renounce his basic citizenship and can retain his basic citizenship in addition to obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • Both the investor's wife and his children under the age of 18 also receive Turkish citizenship under this decision.
  • The Turkish government does not require a region or city by itself to purchase real estate, which gives the investor great freedom to buy real estate in the areas he wants.
  • The Turkish government has similarly repealed the property law, which prevents citizens of countries that prevent Turks from owning property in their territories, from owning property in Turkey.

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Here we have reached the end of our article Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey, in which we got acquainted with the details of the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying and owning real estate in Turkey and talked about the required conditions, Papers, documents, steps to obtain it and the facilities provided by the Turkish government in order to obtain citizenship through real estate ownership.