Prices of apartments in Fatih in 2023

This article discusses the prices of apartments in Fatih, along with factors influencing them and highlighting some area features.

Apartments price in Fatih

In this article, we will talk about the prices of apartments in Fatih, in addition, we will mention to you a glimpse of the area and the factors that affect the prices of apartments in it, and some of the features that distinguish it and end with the most common questions about the Fatih area. As we have collected all the information that interests you at Skyline real estate, follow us

Introduction to the prices of apartments in Fatih

The prices of apartments in Al Fateh start from about 150,000 US dollars and reach more than one million US dollars for luxury apartments with unique designs. Small studio apartments can also be found at lower prices.

Fatih district is considered a central area of Istanbul, where there are many shops, restaurants, cafes, public facilities and easy access to public transport. Thus, buying an apartment in Fatih can be a good investment in the future. And you can talk to us for more detailed information about the prices of apartments in Fatih and the options available for investment .

Factors affecting the prices of apartments in Fatih

There are many factors that affect the prices of apartments in the Fatih area, among these are:

Location of the apartment

Location is one of the main factors affecting the price of an apartment in Fatih. For example, if an apartment is located in a lively and central area, then its price is expected to be higher than apartments located in less lively areas.

The area

The area of an apartment is one of the main factors affecting its price, the larger the area, the more valuable the apartment will be.


The quality of finishes and materials used in the construction of an apartment are factors that affect its price. If the finishes are of high quality, then the price of the apartment is expected to be higher.


The presence of some amenities in the apartment, such as a swimming pool or gym, may be factors affecting the price of the apartment.

Floor and view

The floor of the apartment and the presence of a beautiful view can affect its price. For example, if the apartment is on the top floor and has a great view, then its price is expected to be higher.

Supply and demand

Supply and demand in the real estate market are factors that affect the price of an apartment. For example, if there are many apartments available in a certain area, it is possible that the prices of apartments in that area will decrease .

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About Al Fatih district

Fatih district is one of the main residential districts in the Turkish city of Istanbul, located on the European side of the city. This neighborhood is famous as an important commercial center in Istanbul, as it includes many shops, markets, business centers and public facilities.

  • The Fatih area is considered one of the most important residential areas in Istanbul, where many different apartments, villas and beautiful heritage houses can be found. Therefore, Fatih district is an excellent option for living and investing in Istanbul .
  • Fatih district is characterized by its antique architectural designs and famous tourist attractions, such as the famous Fatih Mosque, which is a symbol of freedom and independence in Turkey. There are also many museums, galleries and theaters in this neighborhood that showcase authentic and modern Turkish arts and culture.

Important monuments located in Al-Fatih

Located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, Fatih district is a lively and densely populated area with many shops, restaurants, cafes, museums, parks, mosques and other attractions. Among the places that can be visited in Fatih are:

  • Kurkoy museum: it is a museum with a collection of original Turkish art and exhibits
  • Fatih Mosque: it is one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul, and it is characterized by being located in the city center.
  • Fish market in Fatih: it is a famous market in Istanbul where there are many shops selling seafood and fresh fish.
  • Fatih Square: is a famous square in Istanbul with many shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • Gulhaneh garden: it is a beautiful garden with many trees and flowers and provides places to sit and relax.
  • Mount Bilibid: it is a mountain located in the Fatih area, and you can climb to its top to enjoy stunning views of the city.
  • Fatih street: it is a Main Street in the Fatih area with many shops, restaurants and cafes.

The most frequently asked questions about the Fatih region

There are some questions that are being asked about the Fatih area, including :

Where is the Fatih region located in Turkey?

It is located on the European side of the city of Istanbul in Turkey, specifically in the area between the historical peninsula and the Black Sea, where it is bordered to the South by the eminono district and to the north by the Zeytinburnu district .

How far is Fatih district from Istanbul?

Fatih district is located in Istanbul and is part of it, so there can be no talk about the distance between them.

What are the types of apartments in Fatih?

There are many types of apartments located in Fatih, which are :

  • Social housing apartments: these are apartments provided by the Turkish government for low-income families, which are offered at reduced prices.
  • Real estate investment apartments: these are apartments that aim to invest in real estate and get a financial return from it, and are usually with modern designs and luxury facilities.
  • Apartments of residential projects: these are new apartments located in modern residential complexes that provide many facilities and services to residents, such as swimming pools, gardens and entertainment venues.
  • Luxury apartments: they are apartments of high quality and distinguished designs located in vital locations in Fatih.
  • Traditional apartments: they are historical apartments, usually located in Old areas of Fatih, and are characterized by their traditional designs and lifestyle that suits the taste of many

Is it profitable to invest in real estate in Fatih?

Yes, real estate investment in the Fatih area is considered profitable and attractive for many, as this area has been experiencing significant real estate growth in recent years. Perhaps one of the main reasons for attracting investors is that the real estate prices in Fatih are reasonable compared to other areas in Istanbul.

Real estate investment in Al Fateh is especially profitable if the property is purchased in a modern and integrated residential project with services and facilities, as this type of project is characterized by its prices rising faster than traditional real estate, and therefore the financial return on investment is greater.

The Fatih district of Istanbul has been experiencing significant real estate growth in recent years, as the popularity of investing in it is constantly increasing. There are many types of apartments available in this area that meet different housing needs, be it for permanent residence or investment. Therefore , if you are one of those who would like to know the prices of apartments in Fatih, you can contact us at Skyline real estate, we will answer all your inquiries .

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